This class uses "gapped" lecture notes. The idea is that the tedious part of the note-taking is done for you, so that you spend less time writing in lecture, and more time listening and learning. The gaps represent those parts of the material that I think need to be emphasized, or that you need to learn how to to write and/or draw yourself. The gaps also help to keep you awake at 7:30 AM!

After we have finished each section of the notes in class, I will post my completed version so that you can make sure that you have no gaps or mistakes.

You must buy the "gapped" versions of the notes for this semester from the bookstore, notes from any previous semester of CHM 234 will not work for this semester, they have been changed.

On each midterm and final exam there will be one 5 pt. extra credit question that is taken from one of the "Real Life" links associated with each section of the notes.

  Completed Notes Useful Videos "Real Life Topics"
A Elimination Reactions: Finishing Halides
The Walden Inversion
Stereochemistry and E2 elimination
•  Ozone Layer
•  Substitution and Energy
1 Synthesis and Retrosynthesis: Putting Reactions Together
Review Video: Synthons and Reverse SN2
Review Video: First Semester Reactions and Simple Synthesis
Review Video: First Semester SN1, SN2, E1, E2 Review
  Organic Synthesis
Organic Chemistry is Stupid!
2 Alkynes : Reaction Selectivity and Developing Synthesis
Review Video: Alkyne Reactions and Acetylide Synthesis
  Organic Metals
A Peculiar Alkyne
3 Alcohols : Oxidation and Reduction
Review Video: Alcohol Nomenclature
Review Video: Substituent Effects and Alcohol Acidity
Review Video: Alcohol Reactions
  Drink Alcohol?
Hydrogen Bonding
4 Organometals : Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Review Video: Grignard Reactions
  Carbon Anions are Reactive!
5 Ethers : Reactions With Brønsted Acids/Bases
Ether/Epoxide Reactions
  Epoxy Glues
An Epoxide Anti-Biotic
6 Conjugated Systems : Return to M.O. Theory
Review Video: Conjugated Reactions and Kinetic/Thermodynamic Control
Review Video: A Worked Kinetic/Thermodynamic Control Problem
Review Video: Diels-Alder Reactions
Review Video: FMO Theory and Pericyclic Reactions
Diels-Alder Stereochemistry
Electrocyclic Reactions: FMO Theory and "Fingers/Thumbs"
Electrocyclic Reactions: FMO Theory with a Model
A 2+2 Cycloaddition
Anti-Bonding Orbitals
7 Aromaticity : Stability and Instability in Cyclic pi-Systems
Review Video: Aromatic Transition State Theory and Aromaticity
Review Video: Aromaticity and Aromatic Ions
Electrocyclic Reactions: Aromatic Transition States and "Fingers/Thumbs"
Electrocyclic Reactions: Aromatic Transition States and a Model
An Anti-Aromatic Drug
Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons
8 Benzene Reactions : Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
Review Video: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution and Benzene Synthesis
  6-Membered Rings
Chlorinated Aromatics
9 Aldehydes and Ketones : Nucleophilic Addition
Review Video: Aldehyde/Ketone Mechanisms
  A Wittig Reaction
10 Enols, Enolates (and Enamines) : Carbon Nucleophiles
Review Video: Enolate Anions and Enamines
Review Video: Aldol and Claisen Reactions
Aldol Problems Heuristics (Skipping the Mechanism)
Claisen Problems Heuristics (Skipping the Mechanism)
The Chemist Composer
11 Carboxylic Acids : The Organic Acids   Fats as an Energy Source
Acids and Stereochemistry
12 Carboxylic Acid Derivatives : Addition/Elimination
Review Video: Acid and Derivative Synthesis and Mechanisms
  Esters Smell Nice
Soaps and Detergents
13 Amines : Organic Bases
Review Video: Synthesis of Amines
  Nature beats us again
Amines in Photography