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Herbals & Early Gardening Books



Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets      39

Adam in Eden, or, Natures Paradise: The History of Plants, Fruits, Herbs and Flowers: Withe Their Several Names, Whether Greek, Latin or English, the Places Where They Grow, Their Descriptions and Kinds, Their Times of Flourishing and Decreasing, as also Their Several Signatures, Anatomical Appropriations, and Particular Physical Vertues         25

 Les Admirables Secrets d'Albert, le Grand: Contenant Plusieurs Traites sur la Conception des Femmes, des Vertus des Herbes, des Pierres Precieuses, & des Animaux: Augmentes d'un Abrege Curieux de la Physionomie, & d'un Preservatif Contre la Peste, les Fievres Malignes, les Poisons & l'Infection de l'Air        3

The Anatomy of Plants; with An Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants; and Several Other Lectures Read Before the Royal Society 124

Aromatvm, et simplicivm aliqvot medicamentorvm apvd Indos nascentivm historia    83a

The Art of Distillation, or, A Treatise of the Choisest Spagyricall Preparations Performed by Way of Distillation: Being Partly Taken Out of the Most Select Chymicall Authors of Severall Languages, and Partly Out of the Authors Manuall Experience: Together with the Description of the Ancient and Moderne Chymists: Also a Discourse of Divers Spagyrical Experiments and Curiosities, and of the Anatomy of Gold and Silver with the Chiefest Preparations, and Curiosities Thereof, and Vertues of Them All. . .     42

The Art of Simpling: An Introduction to the Knowledge and Gathering of Plants: Wherein the Defininitions [sic], Divisions, Places, Descriptions, Differences, Names, Vertues, Times of Flourishing and Gathering, Uses, Temperatures, Signatures and Appropriations of Plants, are Methodically Laid Down: Whereunto is Added, A Discovery of the Lesser World   23      24


A Booke of the Arte and Manner How to Plant and Graffe All Sorts of Trees: How to Sette Stones and Sovv Pipins, to Make Wild Trees to Graffe On, as Also Remedies and Medicines: With Divers Other New Practises  70

The Botanical Register: Each Number is to Consist of Eight Coloured Figures of Exotic Plants: Accompanied by Their History and Mode of Treatment: The Designs to be Made from Living Plants     147

Botanical Treasures from the Doris and Marc Patten Collection: Catalog of an Exhibition     149

Botanologia, The English Herbal, or History of Plants Adorned with Figures, The Whole in Alphabetical Order     141

Das Buch zu Distilieren die zu Samen Gethonen Ding: Composita Genant Durch die Einzingen Ding und das Buch Thesaurus Pauperum Genant, fur di Armen Yetz von Neuwem Wider Getruckt und von Unzalbarn Irrthumen Gereynigt unnd Gebessert     106


Caroli Clusii atreb.  Aliquot notae in Garcia aromatum historiam: eiusdem descriptiones nonnullarum stirpium, & aliarum exoticarum rerum, que a generoso viro Francisco Drake equite Anglo, & his obseruatae sunt, qui eum in longa illa nauigatione, qua proximis annis vniuersum orbem circumiuit, comitati sunt: & quorundam peregrinorum fructuum quos Londini ab amicis accepit     18

Caroli Clusii Atrebatis. . . Exoticorum libri decem: quibus animalium, plantarum, aromatum, aliorumque peregrinorum fructuum historiae describuntur  109a

Caroli Clusii Atrebatis. . . Rariorum plantarum historia  108

Caroli Clusii Atrebat Rariorum aliquot stirpium per Hispanias obseruatarum historia: libris duobus   20   21

Charles de l'Escluse (Carolus Clusius) Nederlandsch Kruidkundige, 1526-1609     128

Christophori A Costa. . .Aromaticum & medicamentorum in Orientali India nascentium liber: plvrimvm lucis adserens iis quae a Doctore Garcia de Orta in hoc genere scripta sunt     83b

The Complete Gard'ner, or, Directions for Cultivating and Right Ordering of Fruit-Gardens and Kitchen Gardens     60

The Compleat English Gardner, or, A Sure Guide to Young Planters and Gardners: In Three Parts     76

A Compleat History of Druggs     88

Conradi Gesneri Philosophi et Medici Celeberrimi Historiae Plantarum Fasciculus Qvem ex Bibliotheca D. Christophori Iacobi Trew      123

Conservandae sanitatis praecepta saluberrima: regi Angliae quondam a doctoribus scholae Salernitanae versibus conscripta, nunc . . . rhythmis.   92a

Conversations on Vegetable Physiology: Comprehending the Elements of Botany with their Application to Agriculture.  By the author of Conversations on Chemistry and Natural Philosophy    12

The Country-Mans Recreation, or, The Art of Planting, Graffing, and Gardening in Three Books: The First Declaring Divers Waies of Planting and Graffing, and the Best Times of Year    . . .The Second Theateth of the Hop-Garden, with Necessary Instructions for the Making and the Maintenance Thereof. . . with some Directions for Tabaco: whereunto is added, The Expert Gardener Containing Divers Necessary and Rare Secrets Belonging to that Art. . .: Hereunto is Likewise Added The Art of Angling7

Culpeper's Complete Herbal: To Which is Now Added, Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs, With a Display of Their Medicinal and Occult Qualities: Physically Applied to the Cure of All Disorders Incident to Mankind: To Which are Now First Annexed His English Physician Enlarged, and Key to Physic, With Rules for Compounding Medicine According to the True System of Nature: Forming a Complete Family Dispensatory, and Natural System of Physic, to Which is also Added Upwards of Fifty Choice Receipts, Selected from the Author's Last Legacy to his Wife    32


De historia stirpium commentarii insignes. . .adiectis earundem vivis plusquam quingentis imaginibus     119

De humana physiognomonia  . . . libri IIII: qui ab extimis, quae in hominum corporibus conspiciuntur signis, ita eorum naturas, mores & consilia (egregiis ad vivum expressis iconibus) demonstrant, ut intimos animi recessus penetrare videantur. . .Nunc ab innumeris mendis, quibus passim Neapolitana scatebat editio, emendati, primumque in Germania in lucem editi     89b

De natura stirpium libri tres     140

De omnibus agriculturae partibus, & de plantarum animaliumq[ue] natura & utilitate lib. XII. : non minus philosophiae & medicinae, quam oeconomiae, agricolationis, pastionumq[ue] studiosis utiles  110

De plantis epitome utilissima, Petri Andreae Matthioli, senensis, medici excellentissimi, &c.     72

De plantis exoticis libri duo Prosperi Alpini Phylosophi, Medici, in Gymnasio Patauino medicamentorum simplicium Professoris ordinarij, & Horti Medici Præfecti     5

De tuenda bona valetudine     92c

Della Agricoltura di M. Giovanni Tatti Lucchese Libri Cinque: Ne Quali si Contengono Tutte le Cose Utile, & Appartenenti al Bisogno Della Villa, Tratte da Gli Antichi & da Moderni Scrittori  95

Delle Cose Che Vengono Portate dall'Indie Occidentali Pertinenti all'vso della Medicina     78

Desiderata anatomico-physiologica     99a

Disputatio physiolgica de masticatione    99e

Dissertatio inauguralis medica sistens pharmaca regni vegetabilis   59

Dissertatio medica physiologiam salivae exhibens   99d

Dissertatio medico-physiologica de oeconomia animali  99c

Dissertationem hancce physiologicam de deglutitione   99b

Dr. John Williams' Last Legacy, or The Useful Family Herbal  100

The Dutch Gardener, or, The Compleat Florist: Containing the Most Successful Method of Cultivating All Sorts of Flowers, the Planting, Dressing, and Pruning of All Manner of Fruit-Trees: Together with a Particular Account of the Nursing of Lemon and Orange Trees in Northern Climates  82


Eden, or, A Compleat Body of Gardening: Containing Plain and Familiar Directions for the Raising the Several Useful Products of a Garden, Fruits, Roots, and Herbage: From the Practice of the Most Successful Gardeners, and the Result of Long Experience     126

Eicones plantarum seu stirpium, arborum nempe, fructicum, herbarum, fructuum, lignorum, radicum, omnis generis: tam inquilinorum, quam exoticorum: quae partim Germania sponte producit, partim ab exteris regionibus allata in Germania plantantur: in gratiam medicinae reique herbariae studiosorum, in tres partes digestae: adiecto indice gemino locupletissimo  94

Ein Gart der Gesuntheyt     120

The English House-Wife: Containing the Inward and Outward Vertues Which Ought to be in a Compleat Woman: As Her Skill in Physick, Surgery, Cookery. . .and All Other Things Belonging to an Household  69

Every Man His Own Gardener: Being a New and Much More Complete Gardener's Calendar and General Directory Than Any One Hitherto Published  1


Fabii Columnae Lyncei Minus cognitarum rariorumque nostro coelo orientium stirpum [ekphrasis]: qua non pauce ab antiquioribus Theophrasto, Dioscoride, Plinio, Galeno alijs[que] descriptae praeter illas etiam in [Phytobasano] editas disquiruntur ac declarantur: item De aquatilibus aliisque nonnullis animalibus libellus.     28

Fabi Columnae Lyncei Phytobasanos: cui accessit vita Fabi et Lynceorum notitia adnotationesque in phytobasanon.  Iano Planco Ariminensi auctore  27

Familiar Lectures on Botany: Including Practical and Elementary Botany, with Generic and Specific Descriptions of the Most Common Native and Foreign Plants, and a Vocabulary of Botanical Terms: For the Use of Higher Schools and Academies     85

The Family Herbal, or, An Account of All Those English Plants, Which are Remarkable for Their Virtues, and of the Drugs Which are Produced by Vegetables of Other Countries, With Their Descriptions and Their Uses, as Proved by Experience        54    55

Family Receipts, or, Practical Guide for the Husbandman and Housewife: Containing a Great Variety of Valuable Recipes, Relating to Agriculture, Gardening, Brewery, Cookery, Dairy, Confectionary, Diseases, Farriery, Ingrafting, and the Various Branches of Rural and Domestic Economy: To Which is Added a Plain, Concise, Method of Keeping Farmer's Accounts, with Forms of Notes of Hand, Bills, Receipts, &c., &v   8

Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry: As Well for the Champion or Open Countrey, as Also for the Woodland or Severall, Mixed in Every Moneth with Huswifery, Over and Besides the Booke of Huswifery   98

Flora, Ouero, Cultura di Fiori     40

Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or A Complete Florilege: Furnished with All Requisites Belonging to a Florist, in III. Books   91

Flora's Dictionary     101

Flore Medicale     17

The Florist's Directory, or, A Treatise on the Culture of Flowers: To Which is Added a Supplementary Dissertation on Soils, Manures, &c.  68

The Florist's Journal     44

Florum, et coronariarum odoratarumque nonnullarum herbarum historia  33

The French Gardiner: Instructing How to Cultivate All Sorts of Fruit-Trees, and Herbs for the Garden: Together with Directions to Dry and Conserve Them in Their Natural     38

The Frugal Housewife, or, Complete Woman Cook: Wherein the Art of Dressing All Sorts of Viands, with Cleanliness, Decency, and Elegance, is Explained in Five Hundred Approved Receipts. . .Together with the Best Methods of Potting, Collaring, Preserving, Drying, Candying, Pickling, and Making Domestic Wines: To Which are Added, Various Bills of Fare, and a Proper Arrangement of Dinners, Two Courses, for Every Month in the Year  15    16

Frumentorum, leguminum, palustrium, et aquatilium herbarum ac eorum, quae eo pertinent,historia     34


The Garden of Eden, or, An Accurate Description of All Flowers and Fruits Now Growing in England: With Particular Rules How to Advance Their Nature and Growth, as well in Seeds and Herbs, as the Secret Ordering of Trees and Plants     86

The Garden of Health: Containing the Sundry Rare and Hidden Vertues and Properties of All Kindes of Simples and Plants, Together with the Manner How They are to Bee Used and Applyed in Medicine    61

The Gardeners Labyrinth: Containing a Discourse of the Gardeners Life, in the Yearly Travels to be Bestowed on His Plot of Earth, for the Use of a Garden: With Instructions for the  Choice of Seeds, Apt Times for Sowing, Setting, Planting, and Watering, and the Vessels and Instruments Serving to that Use and Purpose: Wherein are Set Forth Divers Herbers, Knots, and Mazes Cunningly Handled for the Beautifying of Gardens: Also the Physick Benefit of Each Herb, Plant, and Flowre, with the Vertues of the Distilled Waters of Every of Them, as by the Sequele may Further Appeare  56

The Gardeners Labyrinth, or, A New Art of Gardening: Wherein is Laid Down New and Rare Inventions and Secrets of Gardening not Heretofore Known: For Sowing, Planting, and Setting All Manner of Roots, Herbs, and Flowers, Both for the Use of the Kitchen Garden and a Garden of Pleasure  58

Die Giftpflanzen des Elsasses     47

Le Grant Herbier en Francoys: Contenant les Qualitez, Vertus & Proprietez des Herbes, Arbres, Gommes & Semences: Extraict de Plusieurs Traictez de Medecine Comme de Avicenne, de Rasis, de Constantin, de Isaac, de Plataire, Selon le Commum [sic] Usaigev    48


The Haven of Health: Chiefly made for the Comfort of Students, and Consequently for All Those that have a Care of Their Health, Amplified Upon Five Wordes of Hippocrates. . .Labour, Meate, Drinke, Sleepe, Venus  22

Herb Journal     148

The Herbal of Pseudo-Apuleius: From the Ninth-Century Manuscript in the Abbey of Monte Cassino (Codex casinensis 97): Together with the First Printed Edition of Joh. Phil. de Lignamine    146

The Herball, or, Generall Historie of Plantes    121    122

Herbario novo     116

Herbario nuovo     115

Herbarum varias qui vis cognoscere vires    67

Herbarum vivae eicones ad naturae imitationem: sum[m]a cum diligentia & artificio effigiatae, una cum effectibus earundem, in gratiam ueteris illius, & iamiam renascentis herbariae medicinaeHerbarum vivae eicones ad naturae imitationem: sum[m]a cum diligentia & artificio effigiatae, una cum effectibus earundem, in gratiam ueteris illius, & iamiam renascentis herbariae medicinae     105

Herbolario Volgare: Nelquale se Dimostra a Conoscer le Herbe, & le Sue Virtu, & Il Modo di Operarle, co Molti Altri Simplici di Nouo Venute in Luce, & di Latino in Volgare Tradutte, con Gli Suoi Repertorii da Ritrouar le Herbe, & li Remedii Alle Infirmita in Esso Contenute.  Nouvemete Stampato     50

Historia Generale des Plantes: Contenant XVIII Livres Egalement Departis en Deux Tomes     111

Historia sive descriptio plantarum tam domesticarum quam exoticarum [Historia und Beschriebung influentischer, elementarischer und naturlicher Wirckungen aller Erdgewechssen.  Latin]     143

Histoire Admirable des Plantes et Herbes Esmerueillables & Miraculeuses en nature: Mesmes d'Aucunes Qui sont Vrays Zoophytes, ou Plant-Animales, Plantes & Animaux tout ensemble, pour Auoir Vie Vegetatiue Sensitiue & Animale: Avec Leurs Portraicts au Naturel, Selon les Histoires, Descriptions, Voyages, & Nauigations des Anciens & Modernes   37

Historia frumentorum, leguminum, palustrium et aquatilium herbarum ac eorum, quae eo pertinent     35

Historia plantarum: earum imagines, nomenclatura, qualitates & natale solum     36

Historia Plantarum: quae in Horto Academico Lugduni-Batavorum crescunt cum earum characteribus, & medicinalibus virtutibus.  Desumptis ex ore clarissimi Hermanni Boerhaave     13

Historia plantarum universalis: nova, et absolutissima, cum consensu et dissensu circa eas     104

Hortus floridus     84

Hortus medicus et philosophicus: in quo plurimarum stirpium breves descriptiones, novae icones non paucae, indicationes locorum natalium, observationes de cultura earum peculiares, atque insuper nonnulla remedia euporista, nec non philologica quaedam continentur.  Item, Sylva Hercynia, sive, Catalogus plantarum sponte nascentium in montibus & locis plerisque Hercyniae Sylvae quae respicit Saxoniam, conscriptus singulari studio  14a


In Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medica materia libros quinque Amati Lusitani, doctoris medici ac philosophi celeberrimi, enarrationes eruditissimae  6

Incipit Tractatus de virtutibus herbarum    49


Jardinier Fleuriste     45

Le Jardinier Solitaire = The Solitary or Carthusian Gard'ner: Being Dialogues Between a Gentleman and a Gard'ner.  Also contains The Compleat Florist, or, The Universal Culture of Flowers, Trees and Shrubs by the Sieur Louis Liger d'Auxerre     45

The Jewel House of Art and Nature: Containing Divers Rare and Profitable Inventions, Together with Sundry New Experiments in the Art of Distillation, and the Rare Practises and Uses Thereof     87

Josephi Pitton Tournefort. . .Institutiones rei herbariae  97

Joyfull Newes out of the New-Found Worlde. Wherein are Declared, the Rare and Singular Vertues of Diuers Herbs, Trees, Plantes, Oyles & Stones, with their Applications, as well to the vse of Phisick, as of Chirurgery. . .Also the Portrature of the Said Hearbes, Verie Aptly Described  79


Kreutterbüch: Darin Underschei dt Namen unnd Würckunng der Kreütter, Staüden, Hecken und Beümen Sampt Iren Früchten so inn Teütschen Landen Wachsen: Auch Derselbigen Eygentlicher und Wolgegründter Gebrauch in der Artzney Fleiszig Dargeben Leibs Gesundtheyt zü Fürdern und zü Behalten Sehr Nutzlich und Tröstlich Vorab dem Gemeynen Eynfaltigen Mann     134

Kreuterbüch, New Zügericht: Von Allerhand Bäumen, Stauden, Hecken, Kreutern, Früchten, unnd Gewürtzen, Eygentlicher Beschriebung der Gestalt, Unterscheyd der Geschlecht unnd Leblicher Abconterfaytung Sampt irem Natürlichen Gebrauch. . .: Auch Distillierens, Bereytschafft und Bericht. . .Item der fürnembsten Gethier, Vögel, und Fische, Mettallen, Edelgesteinen, Gebreuchlichen Gummi und Gestandenen Säfften, Beschreibung, und Nutzung     133

Kupfer-Bibel, in Welcher die Physica Sacra, oder, Geheiligte Natur-Wissenschafft Derer in Heil     142


Life Among the Indians     63


Maison Rustique, or, The Countrey Farme    117

The Modern English Fruit-Gardener and Practical Wall-Tree Pruner: Explaining the improved methods of propagating, raising, planting, pruning, and training all sorts of fruit-trees, and for walls, espaliers, and standards, with the art of forcing early fruits in hot-walls, peach-houses, vineries, &c.     90

A Most Excellent and Perfecte Homish Apothecarye, or Homely Physick Booke, for All the Grefes and Diseases of the Bodye   144a


Naauwkeurige Beschryving der Aardgewassen: Waar in de Veelerley Aart en Bijzondere Eigenschappen der Boomen, Heesters, Kruyden, Bloemen  137

The New American Gardener: Containing Practical Directions on the Culture of Fruits and Vegetables: Including Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, Grape-Vines, Silk, Strawberries, &c. &c.    41

A New Family Herbal, or, Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants Used in Medicine, Diet and the Arts   96

A New Herball: Wherein are Conteyned the Names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, Englysh, Duch Frenche, and in the Potecaries and Herbaries Latin, with the Properties Degrees and Naturall Places of the Same  144b

A New Orchard and Garden, or, The Best Way for Planting, Grafting, and to Make Any Ground Good, For a Rich Orchard, Particularly in the North. . .; with The Country Housewifes Garden for Herbes of Common Use. . .as also the Husbandry of Bees     62

A New System of Agriculture: Being a Complete Body of Husbandry and Gardening     130

The Newe Jewell of Health: Wherein is Contayned the Most Excellent Secretes of Phisicke and Philosophie, Devided into Fower Bookes  46

A Niewe Herball, or, Historie of Plantes: Wherein is Contayned the Whole Discourse and Perfect Description of All Sortes of Herbes and Plantes, Their Divers & Sundry Kindes. . .and That Not Onely of Those Whiche are Here Growyng in This Our Countrie of Englande, but of All Others Also of Forrayne Realmes Commonly Used in Physicke    113

Le Nouveau Theatre d'Agriculture et Menage des Champs  64

Nova stirpium adversaria: perfacilis vestigatio, luculentaque accessio ad priscorum, praesertim Dioscoridis, & recentiorum, materiam medicam  131a


Ortus sanitatis     127

Outlines of Botany: Taken Chiefly from Smith's Introduction: Containing an Explanation of Botanical Terms and an Illustration of the System of Linnaeus: Also Some Account of Natural Orders and the Anatomy and Physiology of Vegetables     65


P. Bellonii Cenomani De arboribus coniferis, resiniferis: aliis quoque nonnullis sempiterna fronde virentibus, cum earundem iconibus ad viuum expressis     11

Paradisi in sole paradisus terrestris, or A Garden of All Sorts of Pleasant Flowers Which Our English Ayre will Permitt to be Noursed Up: With a Kitchen Garden of All Manner of Herbes, Rootes, & Fruites. . .and an Orchard of All Sorte of Fruitbearing Trees and Shrubbes Fit for Our Land: Together with the Right Orderinge, Planting & Preserving of Them and Their Uses & Vertues     138

Pedanii Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medicinali materia libri sex   112

A Perfite Platforme of a Hoppe Garden, and the Necessary Instructions for the Making and Mayntenaunce Thereof: With Notis and Rules for Reformation of All Abuses, Commonly Practiced Therein, Very Necessarie and Expedient for All Men to Have, Which in Any Wise Have to Doe With Hops   93

Petri Andreae Matthioli. . .Commentarii in libros sex Pedacii Dioscoridis Anazarbei De medica materia.  Adjectis quam plurimis plantarum & animalium imaginibus, eodem authore     135

Petri Andrea Matthioli. . .Commentarii in sex libros Pedacci Dioscordis Anazarbei De medica materia: iam denuo ab ipso autore recogniti, et locis plus mille aucti: adiectis magnis, ac nouis plantarum, ac animalium iconibus supra priores editiones longe pluribus, ad uiuum delineatis: accesserunt quoque ad margines Graeci contextus quam plurimi ex antiquissimis codicibus desumpti, qui Dioscorideis ipsius deprauatum lectionem restituunt: cum locupletissimis indicibus tum ad rem herbariam, tum medicamentariam pertinentibus   136

Petri Andreae Matthioli . . . Compendium de plantis omnibus: una cum earum iconibus, de quibus scripsit suis in commentariis in Dioscoridem editis, in eorum studiosorum commodum, atque usum: qui plantis conquirendis, ac indagandis student     71

Pflanzenaquarelle des Hans Weiditz, aus dem Jahre 1529: Die Originale zu den Holzschnitten im Brunfels'schen Krauterbuch    145

A Physical Directory, or, A Translation of the Dispensatory Made by the Colledge of Physitians of London, and by Them Imposed Upon All the Apothecaries of England to Make up Their Medicines by: Whereunto is Added, the Vertues of the  Simples, and Compounds: and in this Second Edition are Seven Hundred Eighty Four Additions     31

Phytobasanos, sive, Plantarum aliquot historia: in qua describuntur diversi generis plantae veriores, ac magis favie, veribusque respondentes antiquorum Theophrasti, Dioscoridis, Plinii, Galeni, aliorumque delineationibus, ab aliis hucusque non animadversae     26

Phytognomonica. . .octo libris contenta: in quibus nova, facillimaque affertur methodus, qua plantarum, animalium, metallorum, rerum denique omnium ex prima extimae faciei inspectione quivis abditas vires assequatur: accedunt ad haec confirmanda infinita propemodum selectiora infinita propemodum selectiora secreta . . .Nunc primum ab innumeris mendis, quibus passim Neapolitana editio scatebat, vindicata     89a

Piero Crescientio De agricultura vulgare    30

Pietri Andreae Matthioli. . . Epistolarum medicinalium libri quinque   73

Pinax Theatri botanici: Sive Index in Theophrasti, Dioscoridis, Plinii et botanicorum qui a seculo scripserunt opera plantarum circiter sex millium ab ipsis exhibitarum nomina cum earundem synonymijs & differentijs methodice secundum genera & species proponens: opus XL. annorum summopere expetitum ad autoris autographum recensitum    9

Plantarum effigies     43

Plantarum seu stirpium historia     131b

Plurimarum singularium & memorabilium rerum in Græcia, Asia, Ægypto, Iudæa, Arabia, aliisque exteris Provinciis ab ipso conspectarum: Observationes.  Tribus libris expressæ   109b

Pommes = Die Aepfel     74

Pomona, or, The Fruit-Garden Illustrated: Containing Sure Methods for Improving All the Best Kinds of Fruits Now Extant in England: Calculated from Great Variety of Experiments Made in All Kinds of Soils and Aspects: Wherein the Manner of Raising Young Stocks, Grafting, Inoculating, Planting, &c. are Clearly and Fully Demonstrated . . .: Likewise Several Practical Observations on the Imbibing Power and Perspirations of Fruit-Trees, the Several Effects of Heat and Moisture Tending to the Growth and Maturity of Fruits     129

Pomona franconica: Description des Arbres Fruitiers, le Plus Connus et les Plus Estimes en Europe, qui se Cultivent Maintenant au Jardin de la Cour de Wurzbourg. . .on y a Joint les Details les Plus Interessants sur Leur Culture, Greffe, Plantation &c. = Pomona franconica: oder naturliche Abbildung und Beschreibung der Besten und Vorzuglichsten Europaischen Gattungen der Obstbaume und Fruchte Welche in dem Hochfurstlichen Hofgarten zu Wurzburg Gezogen Werden: Nebst den Haupsachlichsten Anmerkungen uber deren Erziehung, Pfropfung und Pflege     75

The Practical American Gardener: Exhibiting the Time for Every Kind of Work in the Kitchen Garden, Fruit Garden, Orchard, Nursery, Shrubbery, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, Hop Yard, Green House, Hot House, and Grape Vines: For Every Month in the Year     81

Primera y Segunda y Tercera Partes de la Historia Medicinal de las Cosas que se Traen de Nuestras Indias Occidentales que Siruen en Medicina: Tratado de la Piedra Bezaar, y Dela Yerua Escuerconera; Dialogo de las Grandezas del Hierro, y de sus Virtudes Medicinales; Tratado de la Nieue y del Beuer     77

Prodromos Theatri botanici: in quo plantae supra sexcentae ab ipso primum descriptae cum plurimis figuris proponuntur    10

The Profitable Arte of Gardening Now the Thirde Time Set Forth: To Which is Added Much Necessarie Matter, and a Number of Secretes, with the Physicke Helpes Belonging to Eche Herbe, and that Easly Prepared; to This is Annexed Two Proper Treatises, the One Entituled, The Marvellous Government, Propertie, and Benefite of the Bees   . . .and the Other, the Yearely Conjectures, Mete for Husbandmen to Know    57

Prosperi Alpini: De plantis Aegypti liber: in quo non pauci, qui circa herbarum materiam irrepserunt, errores, deprehenduntur, quorum causa hactenus multa medicamenta ad usum medicine admodum expetenda, plerisque medicorum, non sine artis iactura, occulta, atque obsoleta iacuerunt: accessit liber de Balsamo alias editus     4


The Queens Closet Opened: Incomparable Secrets in Physick, Chirurgery, Preserving, and Candying, &c. which were Presented unto the Queen by the Most Experienced Persons of the Times, Many Whereof were had in Esteem When She Pleased to Descend to Private Recreations    66


Remberti Dodonaei Mechliniensis medici caesari Stirpium historiae pemptades sex sive libri XXX     114

Rerum medicarum Novæ Hispaniæ thesaurus, seu, Plantarum animalium mineralium mexicanorum historia     125


Saluberrima bonae valetudinis tuendae praecepta Eobani Hessi. . .: elegiaco carmine ad imitationem Galeni conscripta, novisq   92b

The Seconde Parte of William Turner's Herball: Wherein are Conteyned the Names of Herbes in Greke, Latin, Duche, Frenche and in the Apothecaries Latin and Somtyme in Italiane     144c

Silva, or, A Discourse of Forest-Trees and the Propagation of Timber in His Majesty's Dominions: As it was Deliver'd in the Royal Society the XVth of October, 1652. . .: Together with an Historical Account of the Sacredness and Use of Standing Groves; Terra: A Philosophical Essay of Earth: Being a Lecture in Course; to which is annexed Pomona or, An Appendix Concerning Fruit-Trees, in Relation to Cyder. . .; also Acetaria, or, A Discourse of Sallets; With Kalendarium Hortense, or The Gardners Almanack: Directing What He is to do Monthly Throughout the Year   118

Simplicium medicamentorum ex novo orbe delatorum, quorum in medicina usus est, historiae liber tertius     80

Stirpium adversaria nova: perfacilis vestigatio, luculentaqne [sic] accessio ad priscorum, presertim Dioscoridis & recentiorum, materiam medicam: quibus propediem accedet altera pars: qua conjectaneorum de plantis appendix, de succis medicatis et metallicis sectio, antiquae & novatae medicine lectiorum remediorum thesaurus opulentissimus, de succedaneis libellus continentur     132

Stirpium icones et sciagraphia: cum scriptorum circa eas consensu et dissensu, ac caeteris plaerisque omnibus quae de plantarum natura. . .usu & virtutibus, scitu necessaria     107

Sylva Hercynia, sive Catalogvs plantarvm sponte nascentivm in montibvs, et locis vicinis hercyniæ, quæ respicit Saxoniam, conscriptus singulari studio.  Bound with Joachim Camerarius's Hortus medicus et philosophicus: in quo plurimarum stirpium breves descriptiones, novae icones non paucae, indicationes locorum natalium, observationes de cultura earum peculiares, atque insuper nonnulla remedia euporista, nec non philologica quaedam continentur     14b


Theatrum botanicum = The Theater of Plants, or, An Herball of a Large Extent     139

Tractado de las Drogas y Medicinas de las Indias Orientales: Con Sus Plantas Debuxadas al Biuo     2


Ulyssis Aldrovandi patricii bononiensis Dendrologiae naturalis scilicet arborum historiae libro duo: sylva glandaria, acinosumque pomarium   103


The Whole Art and Trade of Husbandry, Contained in Foure Bookes   51

The Whole Art of Husbandry Contained in Foure Bookes   52

Wolffgang Hildebrands New Augirte, Weitverbesserte und Viel Vermehrte Magia Naturalis: Das ist, Kunst und Wunderbuch, Darinne Begriffen Wunderbare Secreta, Geheimnuesse, und Kunststuecke. . .Allen Kunstbegierigen, und Liebhabern Solcher Geheimbten Kunsten, in Sonderlichen Gefallen: Aus Vieler Alter und Newer Ertzte, Beruembter und Bewehter Naturkundiger Bucher, und Eigner Erfahrung Colligirt, Zusammen Getragen, und in Vier Unterschiedliche Bucher Abgetheilet     53


Xenophon's Treatise of House Holde     102


The Young Botanist: Being a Treatise on the Science Prepared for the Use of Persons Just Commencing the Study of Plants    29

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