Bonnefons, Nicolas de

The French Gardiner: Instructing How to Cultivate All Sorts of Fruit-Trees, and Herbs for the Garden: Together with Directions to Dry and Conserve Them in Their Natural. . .

An accomplished piece, first written by R.D.C.D.W.B.D.N. and now transplanted into Euglish [sic] by Philocepos. London: Printed for John Crooke, 1658. "Evelyn edited as well as translated Bonnefons work. . .the book in this form bears little similarity to the French original."-- Hunt 276. Translation of: Le Jardinier Francois. First edition, third issue.--Cf. Hunt 276. Pages 160, 180-181 incorrectly numbered 61, 181, 180, respectively. Advertisements on p. [12]-[16] at end. References: Hunt 276. P. 1 dated 1734.

Popular English translation by John Evelyn of a French fruit and vegetable gardening book, first published in 1651 in Paris. Evelyn freely admits to omitting parts of the original which he does not understand. For example, three chapters on the preserving of fruits with sugar I have therefore expresly omitted, because it is a Mysterie that I am little acquainted withall. The work begins with advice on the establishing of a garden, detailing information about soils. Planting, pruning, transplanting, and grafting are all discussed. The treatment of various diseases is followed by a section on moles, mice, worms, snails, woodlice, earwigs, and caterpillars. There is a catalogue of the names of fruits known about Paris, which concludes the first treatise in this work. The second treatise discusses specific vegetables, such as melons, cucumbers, gourds, artichokes, chardons, and asparagus. In each case directions are given for the complete care of the vegetable from seed to harvest. An appendix tells how to conserve, dry, and pickle the fruits. There is a table at the end of the book giving the listing of the entire contents.

Subjects: Fruit culture; Vegetable gardening.


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