Brunschwig, Hieronymus

ca. 1450-ca.1512

Das Buch zu Distilieren die zu Samen Gethonen Ding: Composita Genant Durch die Einzingen Ding und das Buch Thesaurus Pauperum Genant, fur di Armen Yetz von Neuwem Wider Getruckt und von Unzalbarn Irrthumen Gereynigt unnd Gebessert.

Strassburg: Gedruckt unnd volendet in der loblichen Stat Strassburg durch Bartholomeu Gruniger, in de Jar 1532. Ms. annotations throughout; extensive notes on verso of final leaf.

This is one of the first major works to explain the process of distilling liquids, even though the procedure was known and used prior to the 16th century. It is also the earliest text describing the chemistry of plants and their essential oils. Since illustrations contained in this work are not accurate in the truest sense, Brunschwig admonishes his readers not to place too much credence in them, because the figures are meant as a feast for the eyes and as an aid to those who cannot read or write. The woodcut illustrations were borrowed from those used in other herbals published previously, including Le grant herbier and pirated editions of Der Gart and Hortus sanitatus. Following the publication of this work, major manor houses converted one room to accomodate a still where these herbal preparations, used primarily for medicinal purposes, could be formulated.

Subjects: Distillation; Pharmacy.


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