Apuleius, Barbarus


The Herbal of Pseudo-Apuleius: From the Ninth-Century Manuscript in the Abbey of Monte Cassino (Codex casinensis 97): Together with the First Printed Edition of Joh. Phil. de Lignamine (Editio princeps Romae 1481): Both in Facsimile.

Described and annotated by F. W. T. Hunger. Leyden: E. J. Brill, 1935. "Printed in 200 copies for the trade, numbered 1-200." This copy unnumbered. Mss. facsims and first printed edition appear on opposite pages. References: Hunt appendix, 2.

This work was probably begun in the 4th century A.D., but the oldest extant manuscript is from the 6th century.  De Lignamine edited the first printed edition of this work in 1481.  This particular facsimile edition shows both the printed edition and a manuscript copy on facing pages.  The manuscript which has been chosen must closely resemble the actual manuscript which de Lignamine used.

Subjects: Botany--Pre-Linnean works; Medicine, medieval.


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