Dalechamps, Jacques


[Historia generalis plantarum. French]

Historia Generale des Plantes: Contenant XVIII Livres Egalement Departis en Deux Tomes.

Sortie latine de la bibliotheque de Me. Iaques Dalechamps, puis faite francoise par Me. Iean des Moulins. 2 v. A Lyon: Chez les heritiers Guillaume Rouille, 1615. Vol. 2 has title: De l'Histoire Generale des Plantes. First French edition. References: BM STC French, 1601-1700; Pritzel. Thesaurus lit. botanicae 2035; Nissen, C. Botanisch Buchillustration (2. Aufl.), 447. Includes multilingual indexes.

Although written originally by Dalechamps, this work was given to Des Moulins to complete. It is criticized by many, including Gaspar Bauhin, as having many errors. Dalechamps, a student of Rondelet, was one of the most learned French plantsmen of his day.  Most of the illustrations were taken from other sources such as Mattioli, Fuchs, and Plantin.  In fact, the engraver for this work added details to fill in the empty backgrounds as is seen by the engraving of the Anemone where a dragon fly and falling petal have been added.

Subjects: : Botany--Pre-Linnean works.


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