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Latino Health Issues

The following webpages have been researched by students at Arizona State University in order to fulfill a perceived void on the Internet. They are not intended to provide medical advice, and are provided as an educational resource only. If you have further questions about any of the webpage topics, please consult your physician.

Please review the complete disclaimer.

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xavier cortada painting of a health fair
Salud by Xavier Cortada. Image used with permission.

ALS Awareness for Latinos

Stuttering and the Bilingual Latino Child

Nutrition and School

What Latino Farmer Workers and their Families Need to Know About Pesticides

The Menstrual Cycle and Body Changes
Latinas and HPV: Education and Prevention
Prenatal Care Infant Mortality in Latinos
The ABCs of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
What Latinos and Health Practitioners Should Know About Valley Fever
Preventative Dental Care in the Latino Community
Diabetes 101: A Guide to Understanding Diabetes for Latinos
Obesity in the Latino Population
Obesity in Hispanic American Youth


Alcoholism in the Mexican-American Community Alcoholism in the Mexican Community
Methamphetamine Abuse: Potential Impacts for Latinos in the Southwest
What Everyone Needs to Know about Cancer Screening and Prevention How Much Do You Know About Latinos/Hispanics and Cancer?
Latina Silence About Breast Cancer and the Ways to Change It

Prostate Cancer

Latino Childhood Cancer: Leukemia

Lung Cancer: How It Affects Latinos
Breast Cancer in Women of Mexican Descent Testicular Cancer: An Educational Guide
Alzheimer's Disease in the Latino Community Alzheimer's Disease in the Latino Community: Where to Start
Cardiovascular Disease Latinos and Cardiovascular Disease
Aneurysms: What Are They?
Tu Corazon
Addressing the Health Needs of the Latino MSM Community
Latino Teens and HIV/AIDS
Anemia Malnutrition and Latino Youth
Malestares Hispanos: Descripción Cultural y Cientifica Latino Cultural Awareness: A Guide for Improved Healthcare
How To Make the Most of a Doctor's Appointment


Latino Health Webpages Developed by UC Davis Students

The pages on this website have been developed by students in partial fufillment of requirements for the course TCL 323 : Latino Health Issues, taught by Dr. Seline Szkupinski Quiroga in the Department of Transborder Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies at Arizona State University.

updated December, 2009

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