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Health Issues of Low Wage Latina Workers

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Most Latina workers have jobs that are considered to be low wage employment.

Some of the companies Latinas work for don't have a safe environment.

These workers face numerous health problems.

The kind of jobs that they perform are in Hotels, Restaurant, Casinos, household services, and child care settings; they work as cooks, nurses' aides, janitors and cleaners.

Percentage of Latino Female Workers (8)

1.7% in farming

3.0% in precision production

12.4% in operators and laborers

18.1% in managerial professional

27.8% in service (janitors, cleaners, cooks, laundry, and meatpacking)

37.0% in technical and sales

The environment in these jobs may not be as healthy as they should be which will most likely lead to Latina workers being susceptible to illnesses and injury.

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