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Solutions for Latino Drug Abuse

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What is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse is a problem that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. It has the potential to greatly harm those who are victims of its clutches Go to fullsize imageIt has the potential to tear apart families and it is something that affects everyone as well as Latinos. The purpose of this website is to serve as a ray of light in order to help Latinos find a way out of the destructive behaviors which are associated with drug abuse

Why do people use drugs?

-People like the way they feel when they are on drugs, that desire for pleasure can lead to addiction.

What are signs of abuse?

  • trouble paying attention
  • being more forgetful
  • missing school or work
  • trouble sleeping
  • paranoia
  • lack of interest in hobbies or work or school

What are the Statistics of Latinos using Drugs Go to fullsize image

-Latino Males are 27.3% likely to smoke Marijuana

-Latino Males are 11.9% likely to use cocaine

-Latino Males are 32.2% likely to use illicit drugs

-Overall Latino males are less likely to use drugs than White males, but they are close

[Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration study(1996)]

-Latinos are also just as likely to abuse these drugs as much as any other ethnicity

[National Household survey on Drug Abuse. United States Department of Health and Human Resources(1998)]

Go to fullsize imageHow do you quit?

-Commit to it, be strong, make goals and then achieve them.

-one day at a time

-Write your goals down

-Get involved in activities that help to divert your time away from your previous habits.

-Don't spend time with people who still use

-Join a local recreational sports team

-Seek help from your doctor or counselor and also find support from your friends and family.

-Your Doctor may be able to give you medication to suppress your addiction

-A counselor might be able to help talk you through your tough cravings

-Having a solid support group is key to successfully overcoming your addictions

-Your family will be the best support you can receive

-Tell your friends and co-workers about your problem and they can offer assistance

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