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"For our society to achieve its ideal, there cannot be an unequal distribution of its most important asset  education."
– Michael M. Crow, President, Arizona State University

The educational experience at ASU is an immersion in a living-learning academic enterprise — a mindset focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and a deep commitment to serving the public interest during a time of rapid and complex societal change. Nationally and internationally acclaimed, ASU consistently ranks among the very best in nearly every critical measurement of student success, outcomes of groundbreaking research and impact in the communities it serves.

Enrollment Fall 2019 Fall 2018 Fall 2017 Fall 2016 Fall 2015
Metropolitan campus population 74,878 72,709 71,828 71,946 71,049
   Tempe 53,286 51,585 51,164 51,869 51,984
   Downtown 11,420 11,584 11,465 11,737 10,952
   Polytechnic 5,243 5,095 4,809 4,380 4,078
   West 4,929 4,445 4,063 3,663 3,619
   Thunderbird -- -- 327 297 416
SkySong campus 45,073 38,540 31,702 26,200 20,273
Total 119,951 111,249 103,530 98,146 91,322

More than 48,600 students applied as incoming first-year students to ASU for the fall 2019 semester.

 Over 2/3 

More than two-thirds of first-year students admitted for fall 2019 had unweighted GPAs of 3.38 and above.


85% of ASU undergraduate students receive some level of financial assistance.


Among the highest percentage of any top-tier university in the U.S., 36% of ASU undergraduate students receive Pell Grants.


ASU welcomed a record-breaking 13,168 incoming first-year students and accepted 85% of student applicants in fall 2019, demonstrating its commitment to educational access.

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For fall 2020 campus immersion, new first-year students, more than half (approximately 53%) of the class earned one of the university's top academic scholarships, collectively called the New American University Scholarships. Of that group, more than 60% of Arizona residents received a New American University Scholarship, an increase from the fall 2019 first-year cohort from Arizona.

 4.32 GPA 

Students in Barrett, The Honors College at ASU average a weighted GPA of 4.32. 78% of the nearly 1,100 National Scholars enrolled at ASU are Barrett students, including more than 400 National Hispanic Merit Scholars.


The most diverse class ever, 46% of ASU’s incoming first-year students in fall 2019 came from minority backgrounds.


Reflecting ASU’s commitment to higher education access, 27% of ASU’s student body are first-generation college students.


ASU ranks No. 1 among the state’s public universities for its 87.8% first-year students retention rate.


The six most popular undergraduate majors at ASU are business, biological sciences, psychology, computer science, mechanical engineering and finance.


ASU offers more than 350 academic undergraduate programs and majors led by expert faculty in highly ranked colleges and schools.


Through more than 450 graduate degree programs and certificates, ASU master’s and doctoral students work directly with the nation’s top researchers.


U.S. News & World Report ranks 64 ASU degree programs in the top 25 in the country, including 22 programs ranked in the nation’s top 10.

 Top 10 

ASU is ranked top 10 nationally for best online bachelor's programs by U.S. News & World Report. It offers more than 200 online degree and certificate programs taught by award-winning ASU faculty.


Our interdisciplinary, solutions-focused approach to research, entrepreneurship and economic development is centered on discovery that matters and the fusion of intellectual disciplines in order to solve complex problems.


In just 10 years, ASU has rapidly enriched its discovery enterprise, more than doubling its research funding and rising to No. 7 in the U.S. among universities without a medical school.

 $640 million 

ASU is one of the fastest-growing research enterprises in the U.S., with $640 million total research expenditures in FY19.

 $575 million 

One of the top-performing U.S. universities for inventions and licensing deals, ASU has been the launching pad for 150+ startups, generating $575 million in gross state product and $52 million in state and local tax revenues from 2016 through 2019.

 $833+ million 

Since 2003, ASU research has resulted in more than 3,800 invention disclosures, more than 845 U.S. issued patents, and startups based on ASU intellectual property have generated more than $833 million in investment capital.


ASU received a record-breaking $413.7 million in philanthropic support from donors throughout Arizona and the world in 2019 for its academic programs, research and initiatives.


At the close of the 2019 fiscal year, more than 101,500 individual, corporate and foundation supporters had given to ASU.

 $413.7+ million 

Representing a record year in fundraising for the fifth consecutive year, the more than $413.7 million raised in 2019 generated new opportunities at the nation’s most innovative university.


ASU is one of Arizona's largest employers with more than 17,000 employees.

 Nearly $4 billion 

In FY19, the university generated an economic impact of nearly $4 billion on the state’s gross product and 49,278 jobs.

 $15.9 billion 

In 2018, 249,681 ASU graduates worked in Arizona, earning $15.9 billion and paying between $1.13 and $1.35 billion in state and local taxes.