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Annual report

2021 Year in review

Among the innumerable discoveries and breakthroughs that arise across ASU’s campuses each year, some achievements are poised to transform the world in ways never before imagined. These advancements, resulting from inspired collaborations across numerous disciplines, an inclusive mindset and a profound commitment to the health of the planet, set the stage for a brighter, more sustainable future for all humankind.

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Past years in review

Each year, the Year in review spotlights ASU’s commitment to academic excellence, inclusion and sustainability. Discover all the ways the nation’s most innovative university produces lasting solutions to real-world problems, serving as a beacon of hope for the surrounding community, the nation and the planet.

ASU YIR 2020


In a year of chaos and uncertainty, ASU excels on every front, creating the state’s first saliva-based COVID-19 test, pioneering digital learning environments and launching a global laboratory to transform the world for a better future. Students, faculty and staff demonstrate compassion and resilience, empowering the university to catalyze solutions for critical challenges both locally and globally.

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ASU YIR 2019


Research and entrepreneurship collide as ASU ranks top 10 in the world for patents with Stanford, MIT and Harvard, and No. 7 in the U.S. for research expenditures, ahead of Princeton and Caltech. Pathbreaking advancements make waves on all four campuses, including nanorobots that battle cancer, medical device and health care technology startups, and groundbreaking improvements in solar efficiency.

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ASU YIR 2018


One of the fastest-growing research universities, ahead of Harvard, Yale and Duke, ASU forges ahead with groundbreaking discoveries including a promising step in the fight against Alzheimer’s and a breakthrough for targeted cancer therapy and precise drug design. The university earns top national recognition for guiding first-generation college students to study abroad, expands impact in Washington, D.C., and partners with Uber to increase accessibility of education.

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ASU YIR 2017


Visionary breakthroughs mark this year of fresh discoveries, novel ideas and innovative collaborations. ASU leads a NASA deep space mission; adidas-ASU Global Sport Alliance launches, bringing together education, athletics, research and innovation; Sun Devils place among the top 10 finalists in the international SpaceX competition; and ASU teams with universities and science institutes to build the world’s largest telescope.

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ASU YIR 2016


Making inroads in research and bringing notable advancements to the community and to the world, ASU continues to establish itself as an academic powerhouse. The Center for Negative Carbon Emissions develops technology that is 1,000 times more effective than trees in removing carbon dioxide from the air; students tackle the global water crisis; ASU and Mayo Clinic formalize a partnership aimed at transforming medical education and health care in the U.S.; and the Beus Center for Law and Society opens in downtown Phoenix.

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ASU YIR 2015


ASU makes extensive and significant contributions to the surrounding community, the nation and the world. Some of the most notable achievements: Researchers invent the world’s first white laser; a team is recognized for discovering the earliest human ancestor; ASU partners with online education pioneer edX to create the Global Freshman Academy; the Starbucks College Achievement Plan expands to offer 100% tuition coverage; and NASA chooses ASU to design and build the LunaH-Map spacecraft.

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