solar panels and research

Leading the way to carbon neutrality

By partnering with researchers, policymakers, and business and community leaders, ASU is leading the way down the path to decarbonization.

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The ASU difference:

We are measured not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed

— Excerpt from ASU charter

Experience world-class academics

As a comprehensive public research university, ASU is committed to providing excellence in education through the Academic Enterprise, and enables the success of each unique student and increases access to higher education for all.

Discovery and innovation that serves the public

As ASU focuses on research and discovery of public value, the Knowledge Enterprise advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, technology transfer and international development.

Serving all learners at every stage of life

Assuming fundamental responsibility for the communities it serves, ASU's Learning Enterprise aims to serve all learners at every stage of life by providing high quality, accessible and affordable learning opportunities to everyone.

Carve your path

At Arizona State University, you'll join a community that will help you explore your interests and learn new skills. Through quality academics, enrichment opportunities and support from friends and faculty, you'll graduate prepared to accomplish your goals throughout your life. Find the experience that fits you.

Stories of excellence

ASU No. 1 public university for international students

A welcoming university community has led more than 15,000 students from 158 countries to call ASU their academic home.

Governor calls on ASU to lead water innovation initiative

Arizona’s governor is tapping ASU to find solutions to ensure Arizona’s water supply will be secure well into the future.

ASU student earns coveted Rhodes Scholarship

Nathaniel Ross received the American Rhodes Scholarship, becoming one of three students from a public university to earn the award.

Students solving challenges through research

With the guidance of three programs, students in ASU’s engineering schools are enhancing their ability to innovate, thinking independently and solving problems in their communities.

Transforming conservation with imaginative tech

ASU researchers are using innovative technology such as flying labs and swimming drones to study and help conserve ecosystems around the world.

Creating new ideas to improve event security

Students in ASU’s Luminosity Lab partnered with a local company to create balloons that can help secure large campuses and events.

Reimagining education for everyone

New programs for all ages

Ambition, curiosity, creativity and passion don't fit in any one box. No matter who you are or how you learn, ASU is ready to serve learners at every stage of life. ASU for You is the first step in a larger movement — a movement that's breaking down education barriers and building up high quality, affordable and accessible learning opportunities for everyone, from K-12 to midcareer to postretirement and every individual in between.