The academic experience at ASU

As the New American University, ASU offers a world-class academic experience designed for the 21st century learner.

The New American University

At Arizona State University, you will experience a transformative academic journey that will shape your future. You’ll be part of an academically excellent community where your ideas drive your college experience. The people you learn alongside will bring perspectives and life experiences from across the globe, which will prepare you to succeed in the 21st century.

Through academic instruction led by some of the world’s top professors, you’ll master the art of learning while being part of the university’s most significant and meaningful endeavors. Ultimately, you’ll graduate with the tools and mindset you need to live a personally fulfilling life.

Majors and degree programs

With more than 400 undergraduate degrees and more than 450 graduate degrees led by an expert faculty in highly ranked colleges and schools, students become master learners through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction, capable of learning anything.

Undergraduate degrees

Graduate programs


Rankings and facts

At ASU, you can customize how you learn, what you learn and the speed at which you learn so that you can design an academic experience that is uniquely your own. This innovative approach has the world taking notice — with learners joining us from around the globe — and national and international rankings placing ASU as a top destination for forward-thinking students and scholars.

#1 in the U.S. for innovation

ahead of MIT and Stanford, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Top academic reputation

A top university worldwide for academic reputation – Times Higher Education.

#1 in the U.S. and top 10 in the world

for global impact in research, outreach and stewardship, according to Times Higher Education.


students enroll at ASU annually.


undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students to choose from, including accelerated degrees, dual majors, and accelerated master’s pathways.


student to faculty ratio to ensure that students receive the individualized support they need to achieve success and master the art of learning.


Customized learning

Colleges and schools

From engineering, journalism and business to sustainability, nursing, education and beyond, ASU offers 16 colleges and schools you can choose from as your academic home.

Each school offers specialized programming and advising, research opportunities, and an outstanding academic experience designed to prepare you for the next step in your life. And if you’re not sure what you want to study, we have programs to help you figure it out.

ASU’s college and schools

Faculty excellence

ASU students learn alongside professors and researchers across the university as they explore innovative ideas and make groundbreaking discoveries. These game-changers and academic mentors include Nobel laureates and other leaders in their fields, providing students access to some of the brightest minds in academia.

Academic Enterprise leadership

The Academic Enterprise is led by a community of creative and impassioned scholars and higher education innovators. In our research and scholarship, we advance new knowledge that benefits the world. In our teaching, mentorship and design of diverse learning experiences, we prepare our students to achieve their goals and contribute their talents to an ever-changing, globally connected world.