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Dolores Huerta

Dedico esta pagina a la memoria de mi Madre. Quien muri¨® prematuramente de esta enfermedad porque no supo c¨®mo vivir de una manera saludable. Esta tristeza solitaria sigue dentro de m¨ª ya que soy la ¨²nica de mis hermanos sin esposo ni ni?os; mis sobrinos nunca tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer la vida maravillosa de su abuela. No tengo familia.

I dedicate this page to the memory of my mother. She died prematurely of diabetes because she did not know how to live in a healthy way with the disease. My measure of solitary sadness continues as I am the only of my siblings without spouse or children; my family is gone. My nieces and nephews never had a chance to get to know her wonderful love.

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