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En el articulo Food, Culture, and Diabetes in the United States por Karmeen D. Kulkami, MS, Rd, BC-ADM, CDE de la revista Clinical Diabetes, vol¨˛men 22, n¨˛mero 4, 2004; Carmen Kulkami se?ala que dentro de la poblaci¨Žn, la mujer latina esta clasificada con alto riesgo de contraer diabetes II. El hecho que muchos latinos gozan de la comida r¨˘pida hace el problema mas severo. Mientras que parte de sus dietas puedan ser saludable, existe una parte que no lo es. La dieta que sea no saludable se debe de manejar de una forma comprensible a la mujer latina.

How can diabetes be prevented?

Article by Karmeen D. Kulkarni, MS,RD, BC-ADM, CDE, Food, Culture, and Diabetes in the United States, Volume 22, Number 4, 2004, Clinical Diabetes.

Karmeen Kulkarni includes Latina women as being among the at-risk population for Type II diabetes. Problems with overeating, which affect the entire American culture at large, are also true among Latinos.

In contrast to other ethnic groups, the Mexican population normally includes a diet of foods which produce type II Diabetes. The fact that many Latinos also enjoy-fast food only makes the problem more serious. Parts of the traditional diet are healthy and should be maintained; parts which are unhealthy should be addressed in terms understandable to the common Latina.


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