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Adelante se incluyen mitos comunes que la gente cree sobre la diabetes dando una impresi¨®n falsa sobre sus conocimientos de esta enfermedad.

Lean estas declaraciones. ?Sabe cuales de ellas son ciertas? Oprima sobre el sitio electr¨®nico para ver las respuestas.

Mito #1 Se puede contraer la diabetes de otra persona.

Mito #2 La gente diab¨¦tica no puede comer cosas dulces ni chocolate.

Mito #3 Comiendo az¨˛car en exceso causa la diabetes.

Mito #4 La gente que tiene la diabetes debe comer comida especial para diab¨¦ticos.

Mito #5 Si sufres de la diabetes, debes de comer porciones chicas de comida con almid¨®n, tal como el pan, la papa y pastas.

Mito #6 La gente que sufre de la diabetes se enferma mas seguido con gripe y otras enfermedades.

Mito #7 La insulina causa artero-esclerosis (endurecimiento de la arterias) y presi¨®n sanguina alta.

Mito #8 La insulina causa incremento en peso, y como el pesar mucho es malo, no debes de tomar insulina.

Mito #9 La fruta es una comida saludable, asi que debe de comer toda la fruta que desee.

Mito #10 No tiene que cambiar su r¨¦gimen de diabetes solo que su A1C sea mayor de 8%.

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Below are some common myths that people believe about diabetes that may give them false impressions about how much they actually know about diabetes.

Read these statements. Do you know which ones are true? Click link to read answers.

Myth #1 You can catch diabetes from someone else.

Myth #2 People with diabetes can't eat sweets or chocolate.

Myth #3 Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

Myth #4 People with diabetes should eat special diabetic foods.

Myth #5 If you have diabetes, you should only eat small amounts of starchy foods, such as bread, potatoes and pasta.

Myth #6 People with diabetes are more likely to get colds and other illnesses.

Myth #7 Insulin causes atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure.

Myth #8 Insulin causes weight gain, and because obesity is bad for you, insulin should not be taken.

Myth #9 Fruit is a healthy food. Therefore, it is ok to eat as much of it as you wish.

Myth #10 You don't need to change your diabetes regimen unless your A1C is greater than 8 percent.

The above myths are further described at this site:

Diabetes myths


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