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Birth Control

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Birth Control

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Conception happens when a fertilized egg attaches to the walls of a women's uterus and develops into a fetus. There are many forms of birth control. One method of birth control is the barrier method. This is any method which presents a barrier for the sperms so it cannot reach the egg. The most common form of this method id the condom. Condoms are not only useful for preventing pregnancy but they also protect you from sexual disease.

A second method of birth control is hormonal contraceptives, also known as "the pill". The greatest benefit to the pill is you do not have to rely on your partner in any way to control unwanted pregnancy. The pill does not however, protect you from disease and even when taking the pill it is wise and more effective to use a condom.

The pill is approximately 95% effective. The failure rate if correctly used is less than 2% however like condoms incorrect usage is the most common reason for failure.

Important tips in preventing unwanted pregnancy

  • The safest way is to abstain from having sex.
  • If you do choose to have sex its extremely important to talk with your partner about safe sex.
  • Condoms are the safest way to avoid sexually transmitted disease and AIDS, if having sex.
  • It is your responsibility to carry condoms if you choose to be sexually active and insist upon using them
  • Read and understand haw to correctly use condoms and or birth control.

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