Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics and Community

Edited by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax

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Jennifer Firestone
Dana Teen Lomax

Introduction: Letters To Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics and Community (HTML | PDF)



Letters from Jill Magi to Cecilia Vicuña (HTML | PDF)

Jill Magi
six pages from Threads (HTML | PDF)

Letters from Cecilia Vicuña to Jill Magi (HTML | PDF)

Cecilia Vicuña
Word & Thread (HTML | PDF)
The shadow of a loom (HTML | PDF)
WITH A LITTLE NOTEBOOK AT THE MET (translated by Rosa Alcalá) (HTML | PDF)



Letters from Jennifer Firestone to Eileen Myles (HTML | PDF)

Jennifer Firestone
From G a t e s & F i e l d s (HTML | PDF)

Letters from Eileen Myles to Jennifer Firestone (HTML | PDF)

Eileen Myles
Cute (HTML | PDF)
Therapy (HTML | PDF)



Letters from Brenda Iijima to Joan Retallack (HTML | PDF)

Brenda Iijima

Letters from Joan Retallack to Brenda Iijima (HTML | PDF)

Joan Retallack
from Mongrelisme (HTML | PDF)
from How To Do Things With Words: "The Woman In The Chinese Room" (HTML | PDF)
from T H E R E I N V E N T I O N O F T R U T H (HTML | PDF)



Notes on the Contributors (HTML)


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