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La imagen por resonancia magnética (MRI) es una forma avanzada
de mirar el interior de su cuerpo. Gracias por comprar un producto
para el cuidada del piso HOOVER. Todos nuestros productos son
cuidadosamente inspeccionados y testeados. Coloque el control de
velocidad del ventilador de cielo raso en la posición de Alta
Velocidad antes de instalar este control. La unidad de MRI utilaza
ondas de radio y un campo magnético para proporcionar imágenes
detalladas de partes concretas del cuerpo. No hay exposición a
radiación por rayos-X


In avant-garde forms the magnetic resonance of the imagination (MRI)
reveals “the mirror of the interior” as supreme culprit. Thanks to
comparative analyses of production as process (in which a collapse of
difference is the most remarkable finding) the HOOVER becomes
iconographic parallel to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Every question of
difference can be inspected and tested in terms of use function. The
multi-media performance group Alta Velocidad in its prototypic “Campo
Magnético Para Proporcionar Imágenes Detalladas de Partes Concretas
del Cuerpo” exposes us to the radiant X of futurity [the material potential
of our unknown mongrel natures].


¿Qué necesito recordar antes del examen?


or more rectilinear coordinates slide the mind into the blood red
multivariable calculus of you say crazee leetle Mexicans I say
crazee leetle Americans you say Same Thing during the time it
takes to get the definitions right is it s/he asked out right right to
look for comfort in the rhyme with night the con mucho cuidado
of cafos hedasow Kernewek bo martesen a wrug gwaya Marth ew
dell on Moors with hyper ionic inquisitive Salamancan librarians
let me now define the terms of the inquisition: Almorávide (Moors)
The intolerant Muslim invaders of the eleventh century. Marranos
– Derogatory term to describe Christianized Jews. Moriscos –
Derogatory term applied to Christianized Moors. Mozárabes –
Derogatory term applied to Christian minority living in lands under
Moorish rule. Mudéjares – Derogatory term applied to Muslim
minority living in lands under Christian rule. Aljama – Derogatory
word of Arabic origin, signifying the ghetto in which Moors or
Jews lived apart from their Christian neighbours. Libro verde
(Green book) much feared genealogical accounts current after the
sixteenth century tracing the Jewish ancestry of the Spanish nobility.
Limpieza (Purity) Limpieza de sangre – Doctrine of purity of blood.
Hence the Count & Countess of Floridablanco(a) Keltic angers
bicontinental fractal rage Belgian dispepsia etc. (Is this a joke or an
old family story?) German romantic idealisms idealist romanticisms
Germanic manic nights not to be confused with not to be
inappropriately not to be misunderstood not to be otherwise
engaged or sufficiently contained by any a or the yes the definite
article the suggestive diagonal in the acute angle of yes:

xYES! I wish to adopt a wolf. I do.


¿Dónde será realizado el examen?



justice just as waves of nausea &/or dawn defying distance escape
detection in the high school equivalency grammar just as the
attempt to graph the area under every shadow of every curve in
all those sine wave words is may be always was THWACK
SOCKO doomed to POW power failures How To Avoid choque
eléctrico they're all the same to me she says to me just trying to
get some work done in this little square in mid-el of big grid of
first names at the urban community college las conexiones
incorrectas pueden dañar el control full of Sigmunds Flauberts
Elvis's Aristotles Socrates Raphaels Carmens Isabellas Juanas
minus all the great referents Borises Carloses Marias Juans &
Marias Juanitas & Marias Josefinas Marias Marias Marias just as
she suddenly pipes up to say on the very last day of class by the
way my name's not Jenny it's Juana Juana with a W sound but it
doesn't matter it's only what's it's connection to revivals of
casuistry in metaphysics common sense moral questions in the
new biologies descriptive methods in quantitative and qualitative
analysis ethical studies of ethnographic techniques or as to form a
sentence may be classified as simple compound complex or
compound-complex as in fig. 3 where it is clear girl is cousin The
my who sat beside me


¿Qué necesito recordar antes del examen?


of the roar of the blast ends the silence lifts everything into the air
& then the whimpering & sobbing & screaming begin Carnation
Lily Lily Rose four little girls in a garden with luminous paper
lanterns in the museum & world might intersect in such a way that
the the twin photons parting to carry their little electro-magnetic
packs to different ends of the mathematical spectrum of the
unexpected in which hue one finds impossible calculations the
deterministic random the stable unstable dissipative and turbulent
systems catastrophic theories teaming unknown variables this is
the start of a sentence and seems to be the end too


¿Estaré sola durante el examen?


margynal notes on all revolutions of I like clocks radios clock-
radios socks smocks flocks docks & crocks but not stocks I am a
complex realist though another page like this will inevitably hit
the fan in the face of an old peculiar stranger visceral dichotomy
than please pass the Talmud I'm not not a Jew and but wish
sometimes I had the text to context all the suffering succatash
minus the tash over a delicious ritual dinner or the secret of the
moaning Lisa immobilisa about to double up in pain sucked into
every vanishing point along the horizon of her smile the world
will always be improper compound inconclusive personal
pronoun immovable speech organ mass noun discrete unit A
distant assimilation passive transformation discontinuous
morpheme diminutive suffix transferred meaning ding-dong
theory of truth


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