Cut Out and Keep Up:
The Make It Happen and Not Make Do Issue

Vol. 3 Issue 1
Summer 2007

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Special Feature: Cambridge Experimental Women's Poetry Festival 5 - 9 October 2006

coordinated by Emily Critchley and Kai Fierle Hedrick

from "ii ss" by Kathleen Fraser and Hermine Ford
from ii ss by Kathleen Fraser and Hermine Ford

with introduction and an overview by Emily Critchley

Featuring a selection of poetry by

Africa Wayne
Carol Mirakove
Camille PB
Catherine Wagner
Geraldine Monk
Kathleen Fraser & Hermine Ford
Leslie Scalapino
Lisa Samuels
Maggie O'Sullivan
Wendy Mulford

Selected papers by

Lucy Sheerman
Peter Manson
Susan M. Schultz

Letters to Poets: Conversations about Poetics, Politics and Community

edited by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax

from Jill Magi's Threads
from Jill Magi's Threads

Introduction by Jennifer Firestone and Dana Teen Lomax

Featuring letters between:

Jill Magi and Cecilia Vicuña
Jennifer Firestone and Eileen Myles
Brenda Iijima and Joan Retallack

and featuring work by all six poets


Short commentaries on recent and notable publications

Image from Anne Blonstein's "from eternity to personal pronoun"
From from eternity to personal pronoun by Anne Blonstein

Marina Camboni on Anne Blonstein's from eternity to personal pronoun

Jennifer Dick on Laura Mullen's Murmur

Anne Heide on Anna Rabinowitz's The Wanton Sublime: A Florilegium of Whethers and Wonder

Lori Lubeski on Nuala M. Archer’s Inch Aeons

Craig Perez on Sawako Nakayasu's Insect Country (A)

Public Figures

by Jena Osman
(Flash setting produced by John Sparrow)

“Public Figures” image

new media

Pantoume and Archive of the Now

curated by Sophie Robinson and Rosheen Brennan

From Pantoume by Kai Fierle Hedrick and Marianne Morris

From Pantoume by Kai Fierle Hedrick and Marianne Morris

Feature on Pantoume, by Kai Fierle Hedrick and Marianne Morris, featuring:

Interview with Kai Fierle Hedrick and Marianne Morris by Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson's Sugar, a poem in response to Pantoume

Feature on Archive of the Now, created by Andrea Brady, featuring:

Rosheen Brennan in conversation with Andrea Brady

Andrea Brady's reading of her digital poem 'Wildfire'

translation . o O

Elke de Rijcke: gouttes ! pieds presque proliférants sous soleil de poche

translated by Joe Ross, in collaboration with Elke de Rijcke


coordinated by Lauren Shufran


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Barbara Guest Memory Bank

A gathering of brief memoirs and BG poems (selected by her readers) to honor the life and writing of Barbara Guest 1920-2006

in' print
recent publications

up date
news and announcements


= new writing =

quickflip: a HOW2 e-chap

compiled and edited by Frances Kruk

“from red to green die all the yellows” by Maggie O'Sullivan
from red to green die all the yellows by Maggie O'Sullivan.


Maggie O'Sullivan | Susan M. Schultz | Sophie Robinson | Frances Presley | Kaia Sand | MG Roberts | MG Roberts & Laine Ballard | Redell Olsen | Susana Gardner | Cynthia Hogue | Jennifer Firestone | Kate Fagan | Leslie Scalapino & Lyn Hejinian

Small Press Feature: Dusie

curated by Frances Kruk

cover of Susana Gardner's "scrawl"
from SCRAWL by Susana Gardner

Frances Kruk
Welcoming Space: Susana Gardner and Dusie Books

A selection of work from writers at Dusie Books:

Kaia Sand
kari edwards
Jen Hofer
Jill Stengel
Betsy Fagin
Elisabeth Workman
Nicole Mauro and Marci Nelligan
Susana Gardner

in conference (

Pressure to Experiment

Southampton University, 28th-29th September 2006

Introduction by Victoria Sheppard and Mandy Bloomfield

Featuring readings by:

Caroline Bergvall
Redell Olsen
Maggie O'Sullivan
Joan Retallack

+ editor's notes +

Cut Out and Keep Up:
The Make It Happen and Not Make Do Issue
by Redell Olsen

editor image

This issue is about past and present collaborative ventures and about offering invitations for future possibilities. I would like to begin by thanking and congratulating Kate Fagan on the wonderful job she has done of editing How2 ... [continued]

How(ever) Archive [1983-1992], and How2, Vol. 1 No. 1-8 and Vol. 2 No. 1-4

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