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quickflip is a HOW2 e-chap compiled by Frances Kruk and produced in a limited edition of 50 hand-made copies. It can be dowloaded as in PDF format below.

To view the PDF, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.


Introduction to quickflip: a HOW2 e-chap
compiled and edited by Frances Kruk (HTML)

quickflip: a HOW2 e-chap

Maggie O'Sullivan 'vis à vis with Apollonaire'
Susan M. Schultz 'fragments remembered from dementia blog'
Sophie Robinson from 'C•A•K•E•!'
Frances Presley from 'Stone Settings' with Tilla Brading
Kaia Sand from 'L*O*T*T*O'
MG Roberts 'Reaching through glass' and '2a.m.'
MG Roberts & Laine Ballard 'For one'
Redell Olsen from 'London Lip Marks'
Susana Gardner from 'H E W N'
Cynthia Hogue 'The Green Card Is Not Green'
Jennifer Firestone from 'Gates & Fields'
Kate Fagan from 'Book of Hours for Narrative Lovers'
Leslie Scalapino & Lyn Hejinian from 'Hearing'

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