quickflip: a how2 e-chap

From the introduction…

By Frances Kruk



…or, the isolation project doesn't really work and the brain may look good floating about in suspicious fluids on display for all to see, disembodied and pleasing everyone, but what it boils to is that it can't be separate, can't function independently, and that mixing and sharing are how projects happen. Thus the loopy strings that pull these fifteen writers into one net-like thing. The idea was loosely collaboration and networking, or how all the wires cross or don't, and where. the suggestion was to contribute something that floats along those lines, either in thought or in practice: image/text experiments, hybrid creatures made by two or more poets, (inter)reflections on the personal and political acts/effects of sharing and experimenting. It could be digital or paper-based, might come from participation in mail-art networking or on-line activities like chatting or blogging and flarfing or fiddling with permutation machines.

What drives this site of interchange is direct influence from another activity featured in this issue of HOW2: Susana Gardner and Dusie.org, her superhub on-line journal and DIY-inspired downloadable, printable e-chaps. quickflip mimics and pays tribute to the Dusie modus operandi with the idea that a little chap can live happily on-line as well as in a reader's home. A special edition of fifty hand-constructed versions has been fashioned for the authors (and other readers!) as well. Print this (as an A4 document), trim the top and bottom few inches off the pages, and string or staple one side. Flip, flip, done.


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