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Pressure to Experiment

Southampton University,
28th-29th September 2006

coordinated by Victoria Sheppard


For convenience, some of these articles are downloadable as HTML and as PDFs for printing.  To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.

This section also contains sound files of performed readings in mp3 format. To play these files, you will need mp3-playing software for your browser such as the quictime player plugin, which can be downloaded for free here if needed. The sound files can be played in your browser or downloaded for local viewing. To download the files, right-click (Mac users control-click) the appropriate download link and choose "Save As..." and save to your hard drive.


Victoria Sheppard and Mandy Bloomfield
An Introduction (HTML | PDF)

Caroline Bergvall
The Summer Tale (deus, hic 1) (mp3 | direct download [2.6MB])
The Franker Tale (deus, hic 2) (mp3 | direct download [4.7MB])

Vincent Broqua
Never-at-Home: notes on gender in the work of Rosemarie Waldrop and Caroline Bergvall (HTML | PDF)

Redell Olsen
from PUNK FAUN: A Bar Rock Pastel (mp3 | direct download [8.3MB])

Maggie O'Sullivan
from all origins are lonely (mp3 | direct download [1.4MB])
from murmur (mp3 | direct download [1.4MB])
Working notes to murmur – tasks of mourning and all origins are lonely (HTML)

Joan Retallack
The Experimental Feminine (HTML | PDF)
from The Reinvention of Truth (mp3 | direct download [4.6MB])

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