Maggie O’Sullivan

Working Note


murmur – tasks of mourning (1999-2004) extends my preoccupations with verbal installation, visual breathing demonstrated in red shifts (Etruscan Books, Buckfastleigh, 2001). Cleaving-scale-sculpting-voice-body-heart-soul-breath – the multi-dimensional matterings of what? how? are driving necessities in murmur where I am extending my searchings within the sculptural painterly textual and aural in an immersioning of multi-level visual languages. I am indebted to the workings of Doris Salcedo and most enduringly for my own practice, Eva Hesse, who I was amidst in my makings of murmur.

all origins are lonely (Veer Books, London, 2003): the title “all origins are lonely” is taken from Helen Keller or Arakawa by Madeline Gins (Burning Books with East-West Cultural Studies, Santa Fe and New York, 1994), a textual work of extraordinary beauty and imaginative intelligence.

Extracts from murmur, all origins are lonely and an interview with O’Sullivan can be found in HOW2, Vol. 2, No. 2.


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