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For InPrint: Books Received & Noted


Arkawara and Madeline Gins. 2006. Making Dying Illegal. Roof Books, NY.

Rae Armantrout. 2007. Next Life. Wesleyan UP, Connecticut.

Rae Armantrout. 2007. Collected Prose. Singing Horse Press, San Diego, CA.

Rae Armantrout, Carla Harryman, Lyn Hejinian et al. 2006. The Grand Piano: An Experiment in Collective Autobiography. San Francisco 1975-1980 Part 1. Mode A, Detroit.

Caroline Bergvall, 8 Figs, Salt Publishing, Cambridge.

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Kiki Smith. 2006. Concordance. Kelsey St. Press. Berkeley.

Pam Brown. 2006. Peel Me A Zibibbo. Never-Never Books, Sydney.

Pam Brown. 2006. My Lightweight Intentions. Never-Never Books, Sydney.

Erica Carpenter. 2006. Perspective Would Have Us. Burning Deck, Providence.

Norma Cole. 2006. Scout. Krupskaya, San Francisco. (CD).

Sarah Anne Cox. 2006. Parcel. O Books. Berkeley.

Catherine Daly. 2007. Chanteuse/Cantrice. Factory School, New York.

Mónica de la Torre. 2006. Talk Shows. Switchback Books, Chicago.

Lidija Dimkovska. 2006. Do Not Awaken With Hammers. Poems trans. from the Macedonian by Ljubica Arsovska and Peggy Reid. Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, NY.

Suzanne Doppelt. 2006. Ring Rang Wrong. Translated from the French by Cole Swensen. Burning Deck, Providence.

Stacy Doris. 2006. Cheerleader's Guide To The World: Council Book. Roof Books, NY.

Marcella Durand. 2005. The Anatomy of Oil. Belladonna Books, Brooklyn, NY.

Elisabeth A. Frost and Cynthia Hogue, eds. 2006. innovative women poets: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Interviews. Iowa Press, Iowa.

Judith Goldman. 2006. Deathstar/Rico-chet. O Books. Berkeley.

Carla Harryman, 2007. Open Box (Improvisations). Belladona, NY.

Cynthia Hogue, 2006. The Incognito Body. Red Hen Press, CA.

Dana Teen Lomax. 2006. Curren¢y. Palm Press, Long Beach CA.

Jill Magi. 2006. Threads. Futurepoem Books, New York.

Bernadette Mayer and Bill Berkson. 2006. What’s Your Idea of a Good Time? Letters and Interviews 1977-1985. Tuumba, Berkeley.

Bernadette Mayer and Anne Waldman. 2006. The Basket Ball Article. Shark Books, NY.

Deborah Meadows. 2007. Involutia. Shearsman, UK.

Mary Michaels. My Life In Films. 2007. The Other Press, London.

Eileen Myles. 2007. Sorry, Tree. Wave Books, Seattle.

Laura Moriarty. 2006. Ultravioleta. Atelos, Berkeley.

Laura Mullen. 2005. Subject. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Alice Notley. 2006. Alma, Or The Dead Women. Granary Books, NY.

Kristin Prevallet. 2006. Shadow Evidence Intelligence. Factory School, NY.

Lisa Robertson. 2006. The Men: A Lyric Book. Book Thug, NY.

Elizabeth Robinson. 2006. Under That Silky Roof. Burning Deck, Providence.

Elizabeth Robinson. 2006. Apostrophe. Apogee Press, Berkeley.

Jocelyn Saidenberg. 2006. Negativity. Atelos, Berkeley.

Juliana Spahr. 2005. this connection of everyone with lungs. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Juliana Spahr. 2007. The Transformation. Atelos, Berkeley.

Padcha Tuntha-obas. 2006. Trespasses. O Books, Berkeley.

Elizabeth Treadwell. 2007. Birds and Fancies. Shearsman, UK.

Sarah Vap. 2007. Dummy Fire. Saturnalia Books, Philadelphia.

Carol Watts. Brass, Running. 2006.Equipage, Cambridge.

Hannah Weiner. Open House. 2006. Kenning Editions.

Elizabeth Willis. The Great Egg of Night. 2006. Equipage, Cambridge.

Rachel Zolf. Human Resources. 2007. Coach House, Toronto.


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