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Aug 16, 2016
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Aug 16, 2016
This class does NOT use a textbook. In the past when I have required or recommended a textbook most students reported that they never used it. This does not mean that you cannot use a textbook, of course, by all means use a textbook if it helps you to learn. A good textbook is Organic Chemistry 7th Edition, by Paula Bruice, however, just about all organic textbooks are the same, you could use any of them as a reference, and used older editions of textbooks from Amazon are a fantastic deal. For example, I have see a 5th edition of the Bruice textbook on Amazon for just a few dollars. It should be fairly easy for you to find the appropriate reading and problems that relate to the material that we are covering in any textbook, although some textbooks do not cover pericyclic reactions, a second semester topic (the Bruice one does).

Many students will ask me if they should get the textbook. Unfortunately I am not able to give a satisfactory answer, since different students have very different needs. Some students really need to study from a textbook and appreciate learning a topic from a different perspective. Some students want a permanent textbook to study for the MCAT, for example. You have to make your own decision on this I am afraid. However, as mentioned above, I have found that most students in my classes tend not use the textbook.

Note that the lab is a separate course, check your lab course website for textbook requirements for that course.