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Jan 14, 2019
The Quiz Submit link is now open, to see how the quizzes work in this class Click HERE
Quiz #1, a syllabus quiz, must be submitted by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 15th, after that, ALL quizzes will be due at 6PM each SUNDAY. I will post Quiz #2, which will be a chemistry quiz on Wednesday.

Jan 12, 2019
To see Quiz #1, Click HERE.
Quiz #1 must be submitted by the end of the day TUESDAY January 15th (i.e. before 11:59PM). The quiz submission tab at the top of this page will not be functional until Monday January 14th, i.e. after the drop/add deadline, and it will not open until around the middle of the day, I will post an announcement here. And so you should do the quiz and then be prepared to submit it next Tuesday but do NOT try to submit it before next Tuesday since the roster will not be loaded.

Jan 9, 2019
The second lecture has been posted on the recorded lectures page. I will not be announcing this on the main class web page fro each lecture from now on, please just go straight to the Recorded Lectures page, thanks!  More...
Jan 7, 2019
The first lecture has been posted on the recorded lectures page.  More...
Jan 6, 2019
Please note that in some versions of the syllabus in the Schedule towards the end there is a typo, the date of the final exam is given as April 28th, when in fact it should be April 29th!
Jan 6, 2019
The class website is now open, please take a look at the following videos for more information on how the course works:

Click HERE to See How the homework site works, Spring 2019

Click HERE to see How the gapped lecture notes work

Click HERE for an Introduction and How the class works, Spring 2019

Click HERE for Additional information for online/HYBRID class students, Spring 2019

Jan 6, 2019
This second semester class will start in an unusual way for me. Last semester we got quite a bit behind and we didn't finish the substitutions/eliminations section of the notes, we covered substitutions but not eliminations. Therefore, before we start the normal material for CHM 234, we need to finish off the eliminations section of the notes from CHM 233. Those students who took my CHM 233 class last semester, you will use the CHM 233 gapped notes you have for this, please BRING THEM TO CLASS on Monday Jan 7th! On the first day of class we will do a very quick review of substitutions and then get into the gapped elimination notes you already have.

The students who were NOT in my fall CHM 233 class will NEED A COPY of the gapped notes for elimination, to get a copy of these, Click HERE.

For the rest of the semester, ALL students will need a copy of the CHM 234 gapped notes, these are now available for purchase at the ASU bookstore.

For a copy of the course syllabus, Click HERE.

I will bring hard copies of the Elimination Reaction gapped notes and also the syllabus to class tomorrow, 7:30AM January 7th, but it will be more convenient for you if you can bring your own copies.

Jan 5, 2019
The class has a Facebook group page. I understand that not everybody likes to use Facebook, but this group has been quite successful in the past, Facebook allows very easy access, and when I ask the class if we should move away from Facebook the answer is always no. And so I encourage you join and to ask questions there, since everybody gets to see the answers, which therefore makes the questions useful to the entire class. Click HERE to access the group.
Jan 5, 2019
The syllabus is the same for both the regular/onground and the hybrid classes. To get a copy of the syllabus and class schedule, click HERE.

This class uses "gapped notes". You MUST buy a copy of these from the bookstore, they take the place of a textbook, which is not required for this class. The notes for the first few lectures are NOT part of the gapped notes package, to get a copy of these, Click HERE, or, if you were in my Fall 2018 CHM 233 class, you can use your CHM 233 gapped notes.

Jan 5, 2019
This class does NOT use a textbook. Textbooks are good for reference, but I strongly believe that they are not very good for teaching and learning. Your lecture notes should give you all of the information you need, and you can only learn organic chemistry by doing organic chemistry, not by reading it in a textbook. This class places a lot of emphasis the homework site, this is where you do organic chemistry and this is where you learn organic chemistry.

You do, however, need a copy of the Gapped Notes, see above.

Jan 5, 2019
Welcome to a new semester! The first class is Monday, Jan 7th. I will distribute hard copies of the syllabus and a small version of the gapped notes that should last the first few lectures.

I will not go over the syllabus/policies in class on Monday, most of you will know these from the first semester class.
Instead I made a video introduction to the class, click HERE
To see a video with information specific to the HYBRID class, click HERE
To see a video showing how the gapped notes work, click HERE
To see a video showing how the homework system works, click HERE

Do NOT attempt to submit the first quiz until you see an announcement on this web page.

I look forward to working with you all this semester!