Ian R. Gould – CHM 233/234 – Regrading Policy

To properly request a regrade to your test, you must do the following:

1. Print and complete a copy of the Regrade Request Form.

2. Staple this form, and the appropriate pages of the answer key to the front of your entire test.

3. Return the entire package to me on or before the date indicated. You can give the request to me in lecture, in office hours, or just slide it under my door at any time.

Regrade requests without a request form, or the appropriate pages from the answer key, or the entire test returned to me will be ignored.

Regrading will begin only after the deadline date indicated on the web site.

Regrades will not be considered during office hours.

My decision will be final, please do not expect me to argue a decision with you.

These rules may seem a bit harsh, but I need a systematic method for dealing with such requests in a large class like this. Thanks for your understanding.