All lectures and review sessions are recorded and posted here as a link to the Screencast site. You can download each lecture using the topmost download link in the Content Details panel below the recording. Each lecture file is ca. 80MB, the entire course, with review sessions, will use ca. 5GB of disk space.

Lecture Files click the title to access the recording
Lecture #18, Feb 21, Diels Alder Reactions
Lecture #17, Feb 19, Conjugated Systems - Diels Alder Reactions
Lecture #16, Feb 16, Conjugated Systems
Lecture #15, Feb 14, Ethers/Epoxides End, Conjugated Start
Lecture #14, Feb 9, Ether Reactions
Lecture #13, Feb 7, Organometals, Grignard Reactions
Lecture #12, Feb 5, Alcohol Dehydration and Introduction to Organometals
Lecture #11, Feb 2, Alcohol Reactions End
Lecture #10, Jan 31, Alcohol Reactions
Lecture #9, Jan 29, Alcohol Acidity/Substituent Effects/Oxidation and Reduction
Lecture #8, Jan 26, Acetylide Reactions End, Alcohols Start
Lecture #7, Jan 24, Acetylide Reactions
Lecture #6, Jan 22, Alkynes Reactions continued
Lecture #5, Jan 19, Alkynes reactions
Lecture #4, Jan 17, Alkynes Properties
Lecture #3, Jan 12, Retrosynthesis End, Alkynes start
Lecture #2, Jan 10, Retrosynthesis and Synthons
Lecture #1, Jan 8, Retrosynthesis introduction
How the homework site works, from Fall 2017 but still relevant
How the gapped lecture notes work, Spring 2018
Introduction and How the class works, Spring 2018
Additional information for online/HYBRID class students, Spring 2018