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La Cl¨ªnica: Affordable and Reliable Healthcare for Latino Families

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Working to improve the health of Latino Communities

Links to several La Cl¨ªnica organizations serving the Latino community

across the United States:



Las Fuentes Healthcare of Guadalupe (Guadalupe, AZ)

La Clinica de La Raza (California)

Clinica Tepeyac (Denver, CO)

La Clinica de Familia (Las Cruces, NM)



La Clinica (Washington state)

La Clinica (Oregon)



La Clinica Latina (Ohio)

La Clinica (St. Louis, MO)

La Clinica Guadalupana (Florida)

La Clinica del Pueblo (Washington, DC)


Besides the above mentioned organizations, there are many more

organizations throughout the Southwest that provide healthcare, educate

and teach awareness, and offer support to the Latino community.


Organizations near Phoenix, AZ:

North Phoenix

la clinica logo

Clinica La Familia
13402 N 32nd St # 5
Phoenix, AZ 85032
(602) 569-3999
(602) 569-6530


Guadalupe, AZ (south Phoenix) map

Las Fuentes Banner

Las Fuentes Health Clinic of Guadalupe
8625 Avenida del Yaqui
Guadalupe, Arizona 85283
(480) 777-2263
(480) 777-2264 [fax]



Directory of other clinicas and similar organizations



La Cl¨ªnica home page

* links and contact information were current on May 1st of 2007


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