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La Clʬnica: Affordable and Reliable Healthcare for Latino Families

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Who do they help?

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Working to improve the health of Latino Communities

Who do they help?

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There are many Latinos that have to resort to the emergency room in order to receive medical attention. They, most likely, are without a regular family physician or adequate health insurance. Now, they are stuck with bills they probably can't afford which further burdens them financially. This burden likely deters individuals from seeking any treatment at all. Overall, this leads to a health crisis amongst the Latino community.


In general, clʬnicas help anyone in need of health care and who

are experiencing health care barriers.


Barriers may include:

1. Geographic barriers

rural and inner-city health professional shortage areas

2. Cultural barriers

health beliefs and behaviors, practitioner beliefs and behaviors

3. Socioeconomic barriers

lack of health insurance, inability to pay out of pocket, poor education

4. Organizational barriers

lack of interpreters or wheelchair accessibility, long appointment wait times

5. Combinations of 1,2,3,4

many disparities likely due to mixture of these factors


This includes a large portion of the Latino community.


mother and child

Services provided by La Clʬnica and other related organizations are directed at, but not limited to:

    • the underinsured
    • patients with cultural barriers
    • people with accessibility issues
    • immigrants with questionable legal status


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