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  • The work of Shuiqing (Fisher) Yu, an assistant professor of research in the Department of Electrical Engineering and member of the Center for Nanophotonics, was recognized Feb. 9 with an award from the Waves and Devices Chapter of the Phoenix Section of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Yu was honored for "Technical contributions to the fabrication and development of high-efficiency light-emitting diodes for optical refrigeration applications." [03/2008]

  • Dr. Stephen J. Sweeney, an Associate Professor in University of Surrey, will be doing his sabbatical at the MBE Optoelectronics Group and the center. His group currently specializes in the physics of photonic materials and devices and currently consists of ten PhD students and post-doctoral research fellows. Stephen is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Chartered Physicist. He has produced over 80 refereed papers, 2 invited book chapters and has made over 160 conference presentations including 12 invited talks within the past five years. [03/2008]

  • The exciting research of Prof. Kong-Thon (Frank) Tsen on the inactivation of microorganisms has caught a lot of attention from the media. Here is a list of selected media coverage:

    BBC News: Laser treatment could kill HIV

    U.S.News: New Laser Technique Kills Bacteria and Viruses

    Washington Post: New Laser Technique Kills Bacteria and Viruses [03/2008]

  • Dragica Vasileska and her collaborator Denis Mamaluy have received an $180K NSF Award to model Quantum Dot Photodetectors. They plan to couple the NEMO3D bandstructure solver developed by Gerhard Klimeck from Purdue University with ASUís 3D CBR (Contact Block Reduction) Solver for simulating NEGF(Non-Equilibrium Green Function) quantum transport in quantum dot photodetectors.[10/2007]

  • Fernando Ponce has been awarded $800K by a DARPA program on semiconductor green lasers.[10/2007]

  • A team that consists of CNP members, Yong-hang Zhang, Fernando Ponce, Cun-Zheng Ning, Shuiqing Yu, Shane Johnson, Govindasamy Tamizhmani, andJose Menendez, has won a $500,000 Strategic Research Group Development Award from the Science Foundation of Arizona to develop novel solar cells using semiconductor heterostructures and nanowires.[10/2007]

  • Prof. Cun-Zheng Ning was awarded $800,000 over 4 years by DARPA for developing nanoscale lasers. The program, termed Nanoscale Architectures for Coherent Hyper-Optical Sources (NACHOS), is aimed to develop truly nanoscale lasers that measure less than the vacuum wavelength of the laser in all three dimensions. Their proposed approach is based onnanoscale metallic-semiconductor structures utilizing surface plasmonic effects.[10/2007]

  • Prof. Y.H. Zhang from ASU and Prof. Jennifer Barton from UA have been awarded an ASU-UA Collaborative on Biomedical Research Grant for the development of novel superluminescent LEDs and multi-wavelength lasers for biological and medical applications

  • The faculty members of the center have presented more than 10 invited and contributed talks on semiconductor optical refrigeration, light extraction for light emitting devices, nanowire lasers, photonic crystal micro cavity lasers, and novel solar cells at the SPIE Photonics West in Jan. 2007.

  • As part of a team led by Prof. Jose Menendez, our group has been awarded a second MURI program in 2006, Infrared and Terahertz lasers on Si using novel group-IV alloys.