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Research Areas

The main research areas of CNP are:

  1. Optical properties of compound semiconductor nanostructures and devices (quantum wells, quantum dots, nanowires, photonic crystals, lasers, and photodetectors
  2. Si-based nanophotonic structures and devices (Si-based low-dimensional optoelectronic materials, structures, and devices)
  3. Energy conversion materials and devices (optical refrigeration, solid state lighting, solar cells, thermophotovoltaics etc.)
  4. Organic and bio-photonics

Selected Sponsored Research Projects

  1. Semiconductor Green Lasers, DARPA, PI: F. Ponce
  2. Modeling of Quantum Dot Photodetectors, NSF, PI: D. Vasileska
  3. Nanoscale Architectures for Coherent Hyper-Optical Sources (NACHOS), DARPA, PI: C.-Z. Ning
  4. Novel Solar Cells Using Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanowires, SFAz, PI: Y.-H. Zhang
  5. Semiconductor Optical Refrigeration (, AFOSR, PI: Y.-H. Zhang
  6. Silicon-Based Lasers and Nanophotonics
    (, AFOSR, PI: J. Menendez

CNP Research Projects

  1. Design of Multi-functional DNA-assembled Nanophotonic Devices. PI: Rudy Diaz, Co-PI: Hao Yan
  2. Semiconductor nanostructures with extremely wide bandgap coverage on a single substrate, PI: Cun-Zheng Ning, Co-PI: Shane Johnson
  3. Optoelectronics devices for biomedical optical imaging, PI: Y.-H. Zhang, Co-PIs: S. Yu, B. Towe
  4. Inactivation of viruses and bacteria using novel optical methods: K.-T. (Frank) Tsen, S. Yu, B. Towe, Y.-H. Zhang

Seed Projects

  1. Hongbin Yu and Shuiqing Yu: Novel scanning technology for nano-photonics application
  2. Junseok Chae, Michael Kozicki and Yong Hang Zhang: Chip-scale directional microphones using photonic devices and nano-dendrimers
  3. Dragica Vasileska and Shuiqing Yu: Modeling heating effects in SOI devices