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Resilience Workshops

We are developing two Resilience Workshops for communities around the greater Phoenix area. One workshop focuses primarily on individual resilience among the baby-boomer generation and the other focuses on fostering community resilience.

Individual Resilience Workshop Goals
 Share principles of individual and community resilience
 Provide community members with a way of approaching life’s challenges
 Discuss common concerns associated with the aging process
 Generate resilient solutions to the concerns about aging
 Identify individual and community resources to aid in resilience
 Foster social ties within the participant’s community and age group

Community Resilience Workshop Goals
 Share principles of individual and community resilience
 Discuss challenges faced by the participating community
 Generate resilient solutions to these challenges
 Identify community resources
 Enhance community ties
 Promote support among community leaders for resilient solutions

We have developed a framework for individual and community resilience workshops, used and discussed in several community meetings such as with Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), Trilogy at Power Ranch housing community, and in round table discussions with powerful community leaders and service providers co-sponsored by St. Luke’s Health Initiatives (see RSG News and Events ). We plan to build on these applications by tailoring new workshops in collaboration with other interested groups.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in being notified once the dates have been decided.

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