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The Resilience Solutions Group (RSG) is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, educators and public health-minded citizens united in their commitment to helping individuals and communities become more resilient.

Two professors, Alex Zautra, Foundation Professor of Clinical Psychology, and John Stuart Hall, Professor of Public Affairs, lead the team. Together and with academic and civic-minded professionals in the community, they have developed a framework for understanding resilience and developing interventions that foster resourcefulness within people and their communities.

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RSG is dedicated to advancing knowledge of resilience within the scientific community and using current knowledge to help people become more resilient. We are also dedicated to teaching communities how to provide their people with resilient solutions to the problems they face in everyday life.

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We view resilience as:
 A capacity present in all of us—we are more resilient than we realize
 A set of skills and principles that can be improved with practice
 A dynamic process that can result in optimal solutions to even life’s most difficult problems
 A way of being that brings a higher quality of life

We offer workshops to further individual and community resilience. Dates are not set, you can read more by clicking on workshops or call us at (480) 727-5195 or send an e-mail to for additional information or to be notified when the workshops will occur.

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