Technical Policies

Hardware Purchasing

Dell is ASU's computer vendor standard. Apple and other special use computers may be purchased with approved justification. Please check with your computer support person before any ASU computing purchase.

Hewlett Packard scanners and printers is ASU's peripheral standard.

ASU Office Machine Rental and Repair will fix HP peripherals. A contract with Dell is pending.

Minimum Specifications for Hardware and Software:

Hardware and software must meet ASURITE minimum specifications.

Equipment that does not meet these specifications may be considered for sending to ASU Surplus. The level of support for non-compliant equipment is determined by appropriate unit/college policies and procedures. Surplus equipment returned to units will not be supported.

Support for Non-ASU Equipment

Please contact the UTO Help Desk, UTO Communications and refer to the Resource Web Page for assistance with personal equipment, whether intended for use on campus or home. Student computing assistance may be obtained by posting a position on the student employment off-campus job posting services web page. Sentinel and other repair and computing assistance companies are listed on the Resource Web Page. The companies are not endorsed by USITS computing support personnel and are only a few of the available resources.

The owners of personal equipment are responsible for maintenance and software configuration. Home services are not provided. Resources to assist home users are below. Besides write-ups and UTO Help Desk, assistance may be obtained through Sentinel or hiring a student through student employment. Personally owned equipment that is deemed to be a threat to the health of the campus network may be disconnected until proof is shown that the situation has been corrected. Antivirus and home-use firewall software is available at no cost to ASU faculty, staff and students.

Network Services

University Technology Office handles all network installations and upgrades. ASU faculty, staff and students are not permitted to install wiring.

For Microsoft active directory implementation units must join the central forest. Unit implementation of a Microsoft Forest is prohibited due to the duplication of effort on the part of the unit and the 7/24 support required.

Wireless network implementations must be provided by or be approved by University Technology Office. Wireless connectivity is available throughout campus. Workstation configuration for students is not supported. For assistance contact UTO Help Desk or UTO Communications.

Wireless configuration assistance -

Exchange or E-mail services are provided by UTO. Unit implementation of an e-mail server is prohibited due to the duplication of effort on the part of the unit and the 7/24 support required.

Remote access service, dial-up PPP, and cable VPN service are provided by UTO. Unit implementation of these services is discouraged due to the duplication of effort on the part of the unit. Please refer to UTO Communications and the Resource Web Page for additional assistance.

Software Use

Units must have proof of legal license for each workstation. Only software necessary to complete ASU-related tasks will be supported. Enhancements such as custom screen savers, sounds, clipart, backgrounds or other software deemed as superfluous will not be supported. User-downloaded or installed applications including games, IRC chat software, P2P file sharing, and others are not supported or permitted. Support for specialized software must be approved by the unit and provided by instructional or research personnel.


Training is generally not provided with a few exceptions.

Media Assistance

Assistance for media equipment is not provided.

Internet Service Providers (i.e. Qwest, Cox, Prodigy)

ISP vendors provide assistance with software installation and configuration.