University Student Initiatives Technology Services (USITS)

University Student Initiatives Technology Services (USITS) provides resources, training and technical support to help University Student Initiatives (USI) departments create and maintain mission-critical Web applications that serve students and administrators.

Here you'll find documents and sources for static and interactive application design standards, techniques and other guidelines. USITS staff will also provide, on a limited basis, one-on-one training and consultation for Web solutions, in areas such as Java language, database design and application documentation.

Hours of Service

Services are provided during the business hours of 8am-5pm.

We are moving away from using the email address and USITS-Q address. The new address to submit email issues is DL.WG.USI.USITS.HELP. To ensure requests/problems are handled promptly, please use the new DL.WG.USI.USITS.HELP. This can be done by going to the Global Address List, and searching for DL.WG.USI.USITS.HELP . As always you can use the ‘USITS Ticket Requests’ desktop icon.

Email by typing DL.WG.USI.USITS.HELP in outlook   Use the Desktop Icon


Typical services include

  • Applications and Web Development
    • Provide standards for Developing pages within USI
    • Support Applications related to USI needs
    • Work with UTO to deploy USI related applications
  • Desktop Support
    • Image and Deploy systems
    • Support Desktop/Laptop systems with:
    • Windows XP
    • Mac OS X (supported in some departments)
    • Install licensed software
      • Contact for list of supported software
        • All software requires valid purchased license for each machine
    • Troubleshoot workstation and peripheral issues
    • Act as a liaison between user and UTO, for UTO supported items
  • Operations Support
    • File Services
    • Print Services
    • Web Hosting (Dev, QA, Prod)
    • Database Hosting (Dev, QA, Prod)
    • USI specific Applications Hosting
    • Backup of data on Servers
    • Act as a communication liaison for USI, to and from UTO