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Introduction, Notes and Statements

Harriet Tarlo
Women and ecopoetics: an introduction in context (HTML | PDF)

Notes and Statements
poems: recycles (HTML | PDF)

Notes and Statements
poems: the new is here again (HTML | PDF)



poems: recycles

Dorothy Alexander
from Final Warning (HTML | PDF)

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs
Two Poems (HTML | PDF)

Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand
from Deep eco pré (HTML | PDF)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Draft 71: Headlines, with Spoils (HTML | PDF)

Cynthia Hogue
Five Poems (HTML | PDF)

Janis Butler Holm
Seminar (HTML | PDF)

Siel Ju
Darwin (HTML | PDF)

Title (HTML | PDF)



poems: the new is here again

Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Gatekeeper, we unthemed (HTML | PDF)

Ann Fisher-Wirth
Dream Cabinet (HTML | PDF)

Kathleen Miller
In Considering the Wild[er]ness, She, of Parking Structures, (HTML | PDF)

Melanie Neilson
La Brea No. 5 (HTML | PDF)

Frances Presley
Four Poems (HTML | PDF)

Evelyn Reilly

Carol Watts
Zeta Landscape (HTML | PDF)



Essays and Papers

Christopher Arigo
Notes Toward an Ecopoetics: Revising the Postmodern Sublime and Juliana Spahr’s This Connection of Everyone with Lungs (HTML | PDF)

Elisabeth Joyce
“Things Overlap in Space and Are Hidden”:
Susan Howe’s “Tuning the Sky” (HTML | PDF)

Susan Moore
Kristeva, Ecocriticism, and the Cult of the Virgin (HTML | PDF)

Frances Presley
Common pink metaphor:
from The Landscape Room to Somerset Letters (HTML | PDF)

Linda Russo
Writing Within: Notes on Ecopoetics as Spatial Practice (HTML | PDF)

Jonathan Skinner
Boundary Work in Mei-mei Berssenbrugge’s “Pollen” (HTML | PDF)

Jane Sprague
Ecopoetics: Drawing on Calfskin Vellum (HTML | PDF)




Cara Benson
it's high time... (Link to postcard)

Susanna Fry
(Link to postcard)

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
Modern Pastorals (Link to postcard)

Anna Reckin
Returning to the Meadow (Link to postcard)

Addie Tsai
The "Outside Us": Woman as Landscape (Link to postcard)



Author Biographies (HTML | PDF)