Kathleen Miller

In Considering the Wild[er]ness, She, of Parking Structures,

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when arriving, she, upon a city block,

typical sites become lawns, parade grounds, abandoned mini marts and ball fields,
she, often associated with woods and wooden edges,

mowing, she, around parking structures,

including practices of irrigation and fertilization, including parking structures
that are toxic to local humans and animals, for example, poison ivy, poison oak,
and poison sumac,

Here to light measure the fairest features of the landscape, Urban sprawl, thou burnest us, With vines and creepers, ferns, and rushes, Thanks to which the rainwater, and all the Bees/Which in Clover dwell, Only infrequently are there Ant-hills, are there trees in the streets having been multiplied, The brightness sat me down upon the grass, free from danger, An altered look about the hills.