Evelyn Reilly



The site of the human soul someone says

A so-called “weak” bond

The hydrologic cycle and its proponents the lakes

Hydrocarbon of course the world

Children play in the contaminated river

Pluck a doll from the sediments

The cataract is named for an Indian Maiden

Weeping of course

The word cataract

The word maiden

Water breaks

The doll seemingly menstruates

Between yes and no answers the witness stutters

Hydrocarbons make things better

The doll dangles from the child’s wrist

Nature is a scene by Casper David Friedrich

It points to a place beyond peaks and pinnacles

And seems to redeem the general pillage

But children circle the garbage piles

And subject to cycles the world is volatile

The cycle of violence is a manner of speaking

Speaking is part of the energy circulating

The cycle of violence is a classical painting

Called Rape of the Sabines

Aesthetics are part of it

Bacteria are part of the community of individuals

They digest the carpet of effluents

But the pond is emptied by speculating builders

They make another one

Add swans to it

Now rage is a Romantic picture

Named Weeping Indian Maiden

The weak bond is a source of tension

Between settlers and natives

Between natives and immigrants

The word settler

The word native

The word immigrant

The word tension is a euphemism

The doll is a tool of self-invention

In a game called reality television

The children pretend she has skills in business and fashion

You’re fired! she says to the filthy children

You’re filthy! they say to the doll leaking effluents

Vegetation climbs up over the precipice

As planes touch down on the landing strip

Friction is a exchange of energy and tarmac

Gender is a doll discovered by children

Logic is a certain kind of sentence

It comes to the aid of the jurors

Their so-called weak bond

They hand the sentence to the subject

They subject the subject to time

The subject is treated like an object

The sentence is said to be “life”

And no one has objected

But now the doll is examining the evidence

The grammar gets very bottom line

Still the price of menstruating dolls is doing fine

It is the right place and the right time

Although the weak bond continues to create surface tension

Bugs walk on it

Lay some eggs

The menstruating doll widens her stance

She contemplates the falling of eggs

When she was younger her legs couldn’t be separated

She had to move in a straight line

Then changed

Bugs walk across the earth’s surface

Carbon is locked in it

Carbon is waiting to be released from its locked condition

The waiting has been carboniferous

The earth is a ball of resources

The doll is a hydrocarbon with a bikini wax

Hydrocarbons were once crinoids and club mosses

The children pluck another doll from the river’s garbage

He skates on the surface tension

Bugs skate with him

The air sings of effluents

This doll’s knees once couldn’t bend

Then changed

Now he can be made to kneel before the mountain of garbage

Bugs decompose only part of it

The effluent is carbon and the garbage is home

It took eons for the evolution of the amnion

Harmony is a dream of a world without tension

Tension is a state of competing interests

The peaceable kingdom is a scene by Casper David Friedrich

Bugs walk over it

The peaceable kingdom is contaminated by interests

The word interests is a euphemism

Useful in the games of diplomats

The diplomats gather at the cataract of The Weeping Maiden

Bugs bite their arms and faces

Toads leap after the bugs on deformed legs

Damaged by rain they still sing in it

The dolls are singing with them

Bufo bufo is the way it goes

Bufo bufo bufo bufo

Is the song of the pre-amniotic egg

The amnion means water isn’t needed

With time it gives rise to the placenta

The placenta produces children screaming

Along the river where the diplomats are meeting

Trying to forge the weakest bonds

Some are weeping and menstruating

Hydrocarbon of course the world

Weeping and menstruating

Weeping and menstruating

Water breaks at the cataract

It is re-named The Weeping Diplomats

All the water is breaking

No one can hold onto it

The dolls take their toads with them and slip away