Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand

from Deep eco pré


The following pieces are excerpts from Deep eco pré, a collaboration by Tina Darragh and Marcella Durand using Francis Ponge’s Making of the Pre and Michael Zimmerman’s Contesting Earth’s Future: Radical Ecology and Postmodernity.


sides concern in one state
we dark place in one motion
represent “outside” in one movement
pré flat chord in one moment

chiates point dark greens and occupy
implying the deips and different among
Speaker’s taking to picture thms
Listener _____bucklings, turbing

Common green, one equal fearfulness
CAXTON among the words taking
Place in slightly different deips
Would think death <- unanime

Of the two crossed Social e
One space least n between words
After a, and the surface appeal
Status of sides in bedded colors




status of sides in bedded colors

flat chord in one moment
from where we overlooked the scene, among dry shrubs
a score accompanies, but is not explained
it is companion, a “wider identification”

does ecology reduce the world to a picture and
in a still blue sky one bird
the shape of a sentence cuts across and
introduces a question

whether the ego should be the size of a meadow
and a Deep Ecology Platform, constructed like a fire tower,
the making represents the evolution, the search for formulation,
constructing id, ego and ancient tribal wisdom, reflected in the meadows

discovered in the produce and presentation, if the meadow is a product, or a
presentation, and a word flies across the static, prepared for no prostration,
(“to preserve the verticalities”) if this meadow is like the larger forest, a sanctuary,
a giant T, prepare, pare, prêt, pres, near to us, presque, presque here,
almost here

and here the picture, paint by numbers, and below
us, preserving verticalities, runs a river (the Lignon)
place as well as pasturage; we can assimilate it
it is presque here, prepared, pared away as we have been prepared




eived bursts when pack ice splits

eived bursts when pack ice splits paints sky water dark
like my letter to be quiet? A giant T divides sky as bird
a thin timbre or nothing tents with “a trace” as days move
wegian to crisis as if a meadow had been perfect acute stems
eart, a timbre, arth, h, a giant H, enjoying statistics, against
with speech rather thin to those finding tedious-nature-delicate-brief

about it don’t you understand? passed away as we have been ready
“Today I am thinking again about that harpsichord” only just seen it,
or foreseen or wanted to do it, don’t you understand?
Bursts like my letter to be quiet – but it was too late, eiving
Why would this be right? of varied notes, a little like music
last minute corrections: 7/27/64 at 4:30 P.M. the orage original
a longuement parle –

edious, less melodious than organ or strings,
the human voice: hurried or slow, with the same rhythm
as breakage of pack ice, dark, watery and low,
the lips (mouthed), not from the heart, nor from the body,
resembling a compte rendu, experience scientific, in all the details,
with a luxurious precision, divine the parks oily underneath,
and each tree oily, for those creatures appear disinherited,
reject of idealism, subjectivity, and anthropocentrism,
had the original storm not raged in us at such length,
It was brief, and acute and eives us signification.

Here are the laws of pré, presque and almost,
Nearly there, field of our repose, prepared, close,
And we have participated, X, T and H, a DEP,
We came to the literal wilderness from ego-centered
Stupidity to regenerative perception, a longuement parle,
to serve as pack ice, if you will, brief, biolin,
their first sojourn in surrendering the ego, for
sunny vineyards, according to I know not 27 years,
accumulation of past days and principle of today’s day
as snow accumulates and turns to ice, as ice covers
poles and birds on which watched as evidence.





caution that a de-centered ou’stretched exists as surface
green at al costs illas large style x x x x x
& rumbs “background”
rientation ritime ire in the second half exhibits a free-floating marshall
faceless masters unit fading gressive
va roman defines energ marshalling

eachmorning well what,
the “R” of rumbs having reconquered some precision
into the piece of shrival activism flashes time to charge
into the piece of active flashes charge riv time
into the flash of charged riv active-sh

to mystify the origins of our problems
inwho modes of forest
x x x x x to us (proquered) take this we are (gressive) s’well
the prefs), prepared shall be green adjudicate
surge if tribal “disclosure” mode (us) the Real

surge has prepared (us) only a natural
tribal up again sure lop - lucid as orange owns valid
truth claims surge here in the past tense
: agreeable surface (as orange omits

limited spanse the little ream clos-more riding
prepared shall to active cert an amenity (green adjudicate!)
piece of shrival for limited ex- peril
take this we are flashes to sol adhere

are all stinctions based truth claims rike with freely admired
leaders-carrier “then it is not ”
scene contains charged “packaged” kimited
icon of nature kimited in nature kimited as if nature into the flash of charged sh

active cert already walked upon (ex-visioning)
green to move limited spanse the little ream
an amenity (our nature!) a great convex hwic
surge if tribal “disclosure” …. where nothing ….
er enr er energ shalling
identical (truth claims) precis this ton





arm ou’stretched and caught under boulder
findg the way alng river bed having conquered some precision
eachmornig wellwhat has prepared us for
that great trilogy x x x xx hence prefix to everything

into the modes of our forest shall us be proquered we are s’well
orange owns us valid exterior behavioral a collective interior
that platitude—then resurrection of the green
the verticality, the green verticality

limnit spanse the middle green ex-peril sure to shrival riv’ time
the justification for distributing robot truth-claims a great convex
h/wic if tribal disclosure” finding way long wiver having conquered
take this we are into the flashes once said: I conclude with constant insurrection

xxx about the prospects once said : for a first arrangement
idea of the quadrants “are all stiinctions based?” great trilogy, 1, 2, 3
how a forest is viewed through platitudes of the pré better than ever before active cert
the sudden consciousness of the constant” grass, then, expresses

shouod remind of us th at kimited in nature reimpregnates the universal
shalling ash tray, wishes to die in turn on the discolossal power
very well that Organic Matter shall experience and evaluate the forest forst
J.R.R. grass, then, expresses “then it is not” along with it, are all instinct

That Such Methods and experiential nodes under themost elementory for
That Such Disclose, Encounter, and Use That Developmental Waves we see
yellow leaves

grow red, then fall and what becomes of this, in the end? A habitable, place,
strollable justification for aggregable surface gables, gagle active-ish,
a little stream, in its bed.

To all Verbs, to all Actions to all the Propitious Resurrections “a sudden consciousness”
limited spanse: No One operating from the criticize assertions (to evaluate)
negatively vs. positively
tabs suddenly indiscreet hence prefix to everything hencepast participle (paratus, paratum)
and Prefix of Prefixes. It flowers. It flourishes. take this. we are all flashes. surflashes.