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June 12, 2007
George V

This statue of King George V stands near Westminster Abbey and looks across the road toward the House of Lords, just to the right of the St Stephen’s entrance. 

 King George V's gaze

It seems appropriate that he stands looking at Parliament, since George V was the monarch under which the Statute of Westminster was passed.  This statute effectively separated UK law from being passed implicitly to the legislation of dominions, and prevented the British government from making laws in those dominions without their consent or request.

According to Wikipedia, “on 18 December 1913 George shot over a thousand pheasants in six hours at the home of Lord Burnham, although even he had to acknowledge that "we went a little too far" that day”.  It seems fitting therefore that his statue provides a frequent resting stop and defecating point for pigeons in the area – which seems to make him an ideal subject for tourists' photos.

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