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Vol. 2, No. 2 Spring 2004

Collision Leaking Species

Critical Feature on Leslie Scalapino

Coordinated by Laura Hinton

Laura Hinton, Zither & (Autobiographical) Introduction: The Writings of Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino, ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’

Leslie Scalapino, Kathy Acker — Subjectivity, Plagiarism as Autobiography: Disruptive Practice

Note by Rob Holloway, Audio Reading of ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’

Zack, Reflections Since The Present: On Staging Scalapino

Elisabeth A. Frost, How Bodies Act: Leslie Scalapino’s Still Performance

Jeanne Heuving, Toward a Defense of Formed Content, or Why Leslie Scalapino’s Deer Night Matters

Alicia Cohen, “I’m Seeing What We Call Normal Life as Being a Vision”: Visionary Scrutiny in the Work of Leslie Scalapino

Camille Martin, Reading the Mind of Events: Leslie Scalapino’s Plural Time

An Interview with Leslie Scalapino by Anne Brewster, “We’re always at war”: the Worlding of Writing/Reading


Coordinated by Kimberly Lamm

Incised Meanders

from Susan Johanknecht,
List of Illustrations

Thalia Field, Zoologic

Melissa Benham
and Stacey Dacheux
, crossing to

Susan Johanknecht, List of Illustrations

Hazel Smith, the writer, the performer, the program, the madwoman (web version)

translations . o O

Coordinated by Sawako Nakayasu

Japanese Modernist Innovation

Sagawa Chika

Sawako Nakayasu, Introduction

Sagawa Chika, Poems translated by Sawako Nakayasu

Ema Sh˘ko, Poems translated by Miryam Sas

Arai Toyomi, Essay translated by Janine Beichman



work/book + ^

Coordinated by
Redell Olsen

from: murmur

Featuring work by Maggie O'Sullivan

Writing/Conversation with Dell Olsen

all origins are lonely, Maggie O'Sullivan

murmur, Maggie O'Sullivan

Magie O'Sullivan Publication List

= new writing =

The Text as a Site of Resistance

Coordinated by Frances Presley

Featuring work by:

Tilla Brading
Susan Johanknecht
Jane Joritz-Nakagawa
Christine Kennedy
Karen McCormack
Hermine Meinhard
Mary Michaels
Geraldine Monk
Sina Queyras


by Andrea Baker


^editor's note ^

Collision Leaking Species, by Kate Fagan

The phrase "collision leaking species" appears in several panels of Maggie O'Sullivan's provocative work murmur, a sequence of text-based artworks and collages excerpted in this issue's work/book section. As its title suggests, murmur is a graphic and partial account...[continued]

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Coordinated by Romney Steele & Sun Yung Shin

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With email from:

Romney Steele, Sun Yung Shin, Susan Landers, Jenny Penberthy, Hazel Smith, Phoebe Stein Davis, Sara Holliday, Andrea Baker, Sawako Nakayasu, Kristen Hanlon, Dee Morris, Phil Usher, Harrison Jeff, Barbara Guest, Susan Friedman, Edward Butscher, Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh


“A Narrative in
Escaped Places”:
After Stein

Coordinated by Kate Fagan

Janet Neigh, Paragraphing Intervals of Night

Carla Harryman, The Mother of Us All

Marina Morbiducci, “Ida did go in-directly everywhere”: the escaping pervasion of space

Mary Ann Caws, Narrative in Escaped Places

Mark Byron, “Stein Did That,” and Did That Until It Was Done

Michael Farrell, A Pail Of Clover, A Beauty Pageant: The Stein Way

Marina Morbiducci, Tendering the Unbuttoning: Translating Stein into Italian

Rob Holloway, From PERMIT: Non-Stop Transcribes

Michael Farrell, Everybody’s Example: Stein and Memoir

Stein and Toklas

in conference (

TALKS Series London

Coordinated by Hilda Bronstein

Hilda Bronstein, Introduction: TALKS Series London

Mark Leahy, Tina Darragh: performing the familiar sentence

Nicky Marsh, Go Grrrl: The Zine and the PostLiterary

Alison Croggon, Specula: Mirrors from the Middle Ages


Short commentaries on recent publications

Nicky Marsh On Goan Atom by Caroline Bergvall

Linda Kinnahan On The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry by Elisabeth A. Frost

Harry Thorne ‘Source Jamming’: On Scratch Sides: Poetry, Documentation, and Image Text Projects by Kristin Prevallet

Yerra Sugarman, ‘Being Here’: On Original Green by Patricia Carlin

Michael Farrell On Clutch: Including Hockey Love Letters by Sawako Nakayasu

Monica Sirignano, ‘Zither and King Lear : Similar Philosophy, Different Text’: On Zither & Autobiography by Leslie Scalapino

Vahni Capildeo On Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet

Linda Russo On The Grand Permission: New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood, eds Patricia Dienstfrey and Brenda Hillman, and Red Book in Three Parts by Bernadette Mayer


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