New Writing
Virginia Woolf

New Writing: ‘Sites of resistance’
Co-ordinated by Frances Presley


Where are the sites of poetic resistance and dissent? What is their architecture or ecology?  How do we locate them? And what is the use of poetic fabrication anyway? Will it save us from attack? Can we live in it? Sleep in it? A lyric sofa bed? A narrative safe haven? Whom do we cite there and what is her design? What is textual subsidence?  Show us poetic maps at odds with existing territorial zones. Redraw the sightlines!

Texts do not have to relate specifically to 9/11 or its aftermath, but contributors should be aware of the responses to 9/11 in How2 (Vol.1 Issues 6-8).

Tilla Brading “Unravelling the skein”

Susan Johanknecht from “Plates 1-4,” “Figures 1-3,” and “Advice to Miss Buswell & Miss Ripley on Drawing Fossils”

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa   “The boatman,” “Ordinary dread,” “News report,” “How i feel about you,”and “Woman with scarf and bundle”

Christine Kennedy “Dusting the Mae West Memorial Library”

Karen Mac Cormack “Statement,” “Reversible Destiny,” and “FOUR IN TWO”

Hermine Meinhard “Planet,” “The Messengers,” and “L'Opera”

Mary Michaels “A Passion,” “Czech Slapstick,” and “Mute”

Geraldine Monk Notes on “Opus Anglicanum” and “Opus Anglicanum”

Sina Queyras from “LEMONHOUND,” “With Or Without Rivets” and “Moments Ripe As Cherries”


BIO: Frances Presley was born in 1952 in Chesterfield, and now lives in London. Her first collection of poems and prose was The Sex of Art (North and South, 1988), followed by Hula Hoop (Other Press, 1993), and in 1997 Oasis Books published Linocut. She has collaborated with the artist Irma Irsara on a multi media performance about women's clothing and the fashion trade, Automatic Cross Stitch, (Other Press, 2000). She has also been involved in an email collaboration and performance with the poet Elizabeth James, Neither the One nor the Other (Form Books, 1999). Somerset Letters (Oasis, 2002) explores community and landscape in a dialogue with other British women poets. She has written various reviews and essays and is on the editorial board of How2. Her current project, Paravane , originated with discussions on the How2 editorial board post 9/11, and is published in her new and selected poems (Salt, 2004).

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