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“A Narrative in Escaped Places”: After Stein

Coordinated by Kate Fagan


Stein & Toklas

A narrative in their detail.

A narrative separates delay and detail letting it be in forget me not plainly. A narrative shall be rejected by their delivery and in employment. A narrative left idly. A narrative in escaped places. Why is lightly in escaped places resumed and unused and violently and denial and deed in deed indeed crowdedly. A narrative makes bewilderment bewilder in their and high highly has to be heard. A narrative which beneath beneath led to them to them indicative indicatively bright.

Gertrude Stein, ‘In Narrative,' How to Write

Gertrude Stein's critical plays with contemporaneity and events of narrative continue to inflect and guide the work of diverse innovative thinkers. Among Stein's most interesting procedural and phenomenological gifts to future writers are her approaches to the dramatic timing of place: here and there and now and then, current happenings, experimental happeneds, atavistic glances, genealogical textual skews.

This project had somewhat accidental beginnings. Over the past year, several writers and scholars have offered work to How2 that develops a Steinian poetic in fascinating ways. I felt it would be exciting to bring these investigations and others into dialogue without fixing too many parameters. Such crossings follow the broader project of How2 magazine, which for twenty years has explored contemporary and modernist innovative poetical work in contexts of trade and experiment.

Contributors to this section have made links between Stein's writings and their own praxes that are oblique, explosively direct, porous, measured, respectfully inconstant, and rich in provocation. How to write after Stein? Idly, crowdedly, critically, in narratives which beneath beneath led to them to them indicative indicatively bright.

Kate Fagan


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