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Coordinated by Laura Hinton

Critical Feature on Leslie Scalapino

Zither & (Autobiographical) Introduction: The Writings of Leslie Scalapino, Laura Hinton

‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’, Leslie Scalapino

Kathy Acker — Subjectivity, Plagiarism as Autobiography: Disruptive Practice, Leslie Scalapino

Audio Reading of ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’, performed on Up For Air, Resonance FM (London: October 2003) with Note by Rob Holloway

Critical Readings

Reflections Since The Present: On Staging Scalapino, Zack

How Bodies Act: Leslie Scalapino’s Still Performance, Elisabeth A. Frost

Toward a Defense of Formed Content, or Why Leslie Scalapino’s Deer Night Matters, Jeanne Heuving

“I’m Seeing What We Call Normal Life as Being a Vision”: Visionary Scrutiny in the Work of Leslie Scalapino, Alicia Cohen

Reading the Mind of Events: Leslie Scalapino’s Plural Time, Camille Martin

“We’re always at war”: the Worlding of Writing/Reading, An Interview with Leslie Scalapino by Anne Brewster

The Writings of Leslie Scalapino: A Bibliography

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