Audio Reading of ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’,
performed on ‘Up For Air’,
Resonance FM (London: October 2003)

with Note by Rob Holloway


audio version of ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’ -- requires the Windows Media Player -- download the player now (A Quicktime version will be posted shortly)


Leslie Scalapino's reading of ‘Can't' is ‘Night' took place on my weekly radio show ‘Up For Air', on Resonance 104.4FM. Resonance FM is a unique arts-based radio station run by the London Musicians Collective. It began broadcasting in May 2002 across central London and around the world via the webstreams at . Since its beginnings, well over 2,000 different musicians, poets, pensioners, artists, DJ's, commentators, schoolchildren, journalists and activists have volunteered their efforts and had their shows broadcast, many of them in the nightly ‘Clear Spot', a one-and-a-half hour slot programmed at short notice and for which anyone is able to propose an idea. Thanks to the consistently high quality of the shows, Resonance FM's licence has been extended twice (presently, until Dec 2004). Unfortunately, funding has been continually cut, meaning survival depends on the success of regular money-raising efforts such as benefit gigs and online auctions.

‘Up For Air' is broadcast on Wednesday afternoons between 3.30 and 4.30pm GMT. I began the show in November 2002 in an attempt to raise the profile of non-mainstream poetry here, especially now that the UK, unbelievably, has no retail outlet for such work. The show featured recorded readings from various archives personal and public (including the proceddings of whole events such as "Total Writing London', June 2003), and also had poets live in the studio reading and talking about their work, and playing music. Guest poets have included, in addition to Leslie Scalapino, Maggie O'Sullivan, Peter Manson, Kate Fagan, Peter Minter, Redell Olsen, Ron Padgett, Karen Mac Cormack, Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk, Sean Bonney, Tim Atkins, Chris Goode, Andrea Brady, Peter Jaeger, Jeff Hilson, Jerome Game, Robert Sheppard, Deirdre Kovac and Allen Fisher.


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