‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’

Leslie Scalapino

My text is for June Watanabe, Pauline Oliveros, Anshin Uchida, Toyoji Tomita,Shoko Hikage, and Philip Gelb in a collaboration with their dance and music.

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(1) re — separation of character and
               ‘no language’ ‘with it’ — movement or language, here
(2) the real-time event (occurring) is the only thing there is/ ‘was
  they’ve destroyed language so we have to destroy it in it not
night exists at day — but is not the same night so
   night is not-existing then then is open to the senses
  she (someone) says our language is to remove boundless character of
  that’s terror. when?
  their ‘lie’ — as that one’s  
  is to substitute for night, hers night ‘terror’ — say how ______. to
  reverse ‘their’ reverse of the boundless character of night can’t be
or moved either
  even though outside
  blues can’t exist outside either — as separation of character and
so it’s separation of character and night 2
(3) our prisoner  
  was found on the ground outside standing before Bagram U.S.  
  military prison in Afghanistan which we’ve decimated, lie to, for
  something they didn’t do —
  the U.S. military take him in
  beat him to death, prisoners who interrogated chained hang while
    ‘our’ marines beat them to keep them
  awake if they fall asleep when hanging there
  present —blues can’t exist outside — or in character
  no night being — as woman who
  says ‘our’ language is to reverse
  being — without edge — any night
  he’d committed no crime standing outside might
  her separation of ‘our’ language from any real-
    time night






(4) Major Elizabeth Rouse, pathologist, checked the homicide box
  to say he was murdered by U.S. military—events don’t fit
  in, at all — aren’t in language either — Major Elizabeth Rouse
  told the truth
  blues can’t exist outside now for
  night is not-existing then then is open to the senses to
  newspapers say (their corpses) one Iraqi man walks
  walks forward holds his AK47
  above his head, he defies our huge army somehow to walk to it
  what’s he thinking? as our soldiers kill him in movement he
  can't do






(5) says
  after the person’s attack on one in his
  saying one’s motion — is fixed, fixing it — where its
  is to have no place its motion is its theory
  says the motion is one’s fixed self, which, if one speaks, one
  he says ‘imagines’ attack of his
  on one, that is
  that (is his reverse of one and others)
  he says one is self-centered in seeing it — not one is seeing his
  actions outside in fact — so, there is no event, no real-time
  — at all in that their/his language changes it always — is then
  not its past action — or occurrence now
  separation of thinking and being
  the same is occurring outside ‘from’ war they make saying to them
  it’s liberating them not attacking
  before, our language is only coercion, in every conversation reverse
  event — any except
  themselves in ‘our’ language
  — in space at all — language is then



(6) since
  an event’s — not language — separation of character
  night — is outside movement’s — separation of character and
  night 2
  day. as. bud ‘dis-placing’ is
  lineage. — both. (both the bud and ‘dis-placing’) single is ‘tree’s’
  day. “we dropped a few civilians, but what do you do?” the sniper
  says “1 Iraqi soldier and 25 women and children, I didn’t take the
  but 1 Iraqi soldier standing among 2 or 3 civilians,”
  sharp-shooter Sergeant Schrumpf remembering the
  woman going down — “the chick was in the way”
  events are against movement can’t be in
  one’s movement  
  ‘dis-placing’ terror by killing. not movement dis-placing language
  the Kurds just move in that space
  waves on a line across it (‘we’ve’) courted to fight and
  dropped them to be, were, slaughtered again court
  to have them attack on the lands
  where they’re slaughtered then wave on lines on one side in
  space ‘we’
  label them freedom fighters on the line’s other side the same
  ones ‘we’ label terror
  as words labels space—one— is there difference between the
  ‘basic space of
  the space of planets






(7) “I expected them to surrender I thought they would all capitulate.”
  in the 3 days that followed,
  they did not. — many of the Iraqis, Sergeant Redmond
  said, attacked headlong into the cutting fire of tanks

and Bradley fighting vehicles


“I wouldn't call it bravery,” he


said. “I'd call it stupidity. we value a

  soldier's life so much more than they
  do. an AK47 isn't going to do

nothing against a Bradley”

  since we're to reverse with ‘our' language — boundless

characteristic of night


day order

  Iraqis are fighting

tanks, aircraft, artillery, prison camps, torture


Sergeant Redmond thinks that's stupid. for him relation

  of language to movement: is


  the relation of language to movement is: ‘none' in order to make
  that relation — there
  the only chance they have is
  at all





(8) the phrase

‘the basic space of phenomena' is different from night space?


night's in

  event is ‘the basic space of phenomena' before occurrence

of the phenomena

  ‘we're' ‘our'

language is to reverse the boundless characteristic of night,


she (someone) says,

to reverse night's

  night is everywhere fierce fighting in Kut the south where


  Iraqis armed with rifles charged tanks in suicide
  raid. ‘we'
  mowed them down
  says Lt. Col. B.P. McCoy — tracer rounds lit night

the battalion arrived after dark and settled


down for the night

  night is in the newspaper page only



(9) with no
  warning shot, fire killing

family of fifteen — or they fight ‘ our ' tanks with AK47s

  from pick-up trucks ‘ours' say those others are only lied to, not

in ‘our' movement
(10) there is no way (‘reason') to live, following the day. I thought.
  our ' language is to (she says) reverse —
  the ‘basic space of phenomena' (phrase) and the space of planets moon's

not outside



(11) he characterizes ‘our' enemy, Iraqis, as murderers,

cowards, thugs — and he praises the U.S. force

  for their kindness and goodness. their Iraqi bodies lay

along the road. living these are all across night, they cross night, are




to reverse trees

  marines came and Iraqis left so quickly left cooking fires alight

and their guns they need them

  Baghdad plunges into darkness — can't be .
  ‘our' war everywhere — isn't/is — in ‘our' language

in movement of







has made living impossible. any way. ‘they'




language. destroy




fight with your hands

  they exhorted  

the Kurds just move in that space

  waves on a line across it (‘we've') courted to fight and
  dropped them to be, were, slaughtered again

we ' have nowhere ahead — either —any way.

  she says ‘our' language is to reverse the bound
  less characteristic of night



destroy night to — without language — in it — two — outside



(13) destroy that language

for that






this isn't about suffering we'd be suffering if ‘we' were



  she (someone) says ‘our' language is reverse of the bound

less that's terrorist


terror characteristic of night's everything

  in my language / is ‘ours' only — to enter the boundless

without language any


basic space of phenomena's not outside or in — is it there

  a man (someone) says a (this) syntax is a state of being

insanity — but it's attention only — to itself


I thought attention, and as its subject, cannot be insane? or

  may be breaking ‘his' reason this now
  ‘our' being ‘happy' (emotion that's convention) is ‘ours'

in events outside is insane

  the outside and the inside cannot be there
  in ‘our' character? if it is uncompounded

or re — in attention (one cannot be regarding), either —



  separation of character and


  night cannot be seen
  regarding is separation of one from others only
  here not-regarding

collective now — having driven the Iraqis insane

  attention now is insane — is dependent on the separation

of character and night 2, not in movement— either — them


in ‘our' thought, language, ‘our' movement is before


(language) and later.


the civilians had to be killed on the road

  fleeing Baghdad because they were there as
    ‘we're' (invading)
  — is not ‘our' movement in that it has occurred already —



(15) the breaking of reason not inside movement of

moon and movement — of one's or


at all (and moon) — is the breaking of reason.


one's is ‘theirs'



(01) it's ‘not repeated' — ‘to produce' —that is:
  ‘be-dualistic’ — at all
  is night’s space
  even — not
  their — that’s outside — despair is one’s physical
  movement bud’s
  at once
  on one night



(02) to reverse
  ‘our’ language’s reverse of nights night-boundless-
  ness or movement
  one’s — disintegrating also —
  skin that’s movement only then



(16) their despair is one’s physical movement (not).
  language is
  “2 Iraqis sat in despair.” after their dead
  coincide with night after
  (and after night’s over). the breaking of reason — a
  man seeing.



(17) as if by favoring war
  is meant its reverse
  reverse trees
  night characteristic
  I can’t see/comprehend it’s (before night) ‘the basic
  space of phenomena’
  he’s been reversed in language — ‘we’re’ ‘killing as its
  ‘our’ character is even in night_________ say how?



(18) the breaking of reason
  is silent seeing movement (of one’s)
  since these ’re in utter isolation only, that is
  as language as social/and dawn.
  their despair is one’s physical movement (not).



(19) long movement (single) does not repeat
  the outside
  ‘isn’t’/ ‘is’ the same as ‘his’ night crushing language
  of one — night’s
  space even?
  he/someone else intends actual
  sky even to reverse its night/as language/one not —
  while (one) dawn-waking actually (‘at’ dawn yet one there
  dawn in the same space
  as one is.
  someone/it’s not possible for him to do any thing even
  without attacking someone else first, he
  he’s never done so. defensive
  he can’t stand (in front of others) without first
  attacking someone what is
  this space (in front of others)?
  he can’t sustain
  others because he
  will not. ‘then’
  isn’t reason — reason is insane
  movement of one’s
  is theirs
  their despair
  already it?
  that space/social even and not dualistic isn’t
  because that would be dualistic,
  it night sky would . ‘be-dualistic'

nights not mirror

  and: ‘our' tyrant makes/‘is' the war expanding in
  an outside the outside breaking reason
  is —

‘isn't'/ ‘is' — the same as ‘his' night crushing language


of one — night's

  space even. long movement (single)

sky even to reverse its night/as language/‘one not' —

  while (one) dawn-waking actually (‘at'

dawn yet one there dawn also

(22) A wave is sucked into sleep then

the forest is completely separate from the

  people always —

outside and


separate from the war


the forest destroyed or growing


is in the war


the forest is balanced on the night and

  then balanced on the day

at the same time. after — is the same time later

  the forest wave if the trees

are still even on night


is one wave moving on day

  that's war whether day
  appears still. day is in war. separate from the forest
  day still appears. the forest

is black at night black


fire goes away at night though night's still


the dark gangly sleek moose come out and shy



  though one moves
  across night for long distances wave of



(23) immense light on the endless lake at
  night black
  the ducks fly across it
  night vertically

the dark gangly sleek moose roam at


will in the forest


wave on the endless still lake

  never black
  the endless lake moves night





(24) the forest rushes to the road


  steel rumpled thunderous clouds are

at the road at

  the forest meeting ahead — at one's side
  forest wave rushing horizontally
  the rumpled steel clouds everywhere ver-
  race to the endless lake steel light in it

sky of rain descends everywhere vertically



  black bear rambles gracefully in the sheets


  in day separating night horizontally




(25) occurrence in structure unseen
  words on a sign “owl rafting” the

dark mist separates morning from night so the

  forest wave


  to rush

but the forest moved at night

  unseen by one rafting
  the night rafting the owl, unseen by one, the

forest rafting

  the owl

rafting the night forest — one rafting

  only and unseen owl-night
  at forest-wave


(26) — woman saying our language is to reverse
  night — is ‘for' that — not producing —
  night uncontrolled
  is occurrence in structure unseen
  at all
  not producing at all — one's seeing —
  but the forest moved

night rafting


NOTE: With thanks to Belladonna* Books, New York. Originally published in pamphlet form in November 2003 by Belladonna*: please check their website for details, or contact belladonnaseries@yahoo.com

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