New Writing
Virginia Woolf

New Writing Co-ordinated by Arielle Greenberg

Arielle GreenbergBio
: Arielle Greenberg’s poems and reviews appear in the current issues of Chain, Rain Taxi, untitled, Crayon, ixnay, Outlet and other journals; her first book, Given, will be published by Verse Press in the fall of 2002.  She teaches at Bentley College.

Brenda Coultas -- “After the 11th”

Thalia Field -- “Deep Ears”

Kirsten Kaschock -- “Gates of Sage”

Caroline Knox -- “Quatrains by Hester Mulso”

Heidi Peppermint -- “Blindfold, Yet Hanging in the Stars,” “Cassie Tells It Like It Is,” “Lilith of the Early Monikers”

Susan M. Schultz -- “Exhibition Guide,” “Repetition Compulsion,” “Passage”

Elizabeth Treadwell -- “Paramour”

Diane Wald -- “voices of the dinosaurs”

Rachel Zucker -- “Either All I Or None No Matter Is, Is,” “Here Happy is No Part of Love”

Tara Rebele -- “Balance”

Lisa Lubasch -- “LE CINÉASTE”

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