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Vol. I, No. 7 Spring 2002

Embracing Difficulty
"Lady of Parwan"
Donna Yasaman Sammander “Lady of Parwan”

^editor's note ^

Coordinated by
Sawako Nakayasu

Kristin Dykstra translating Reina María Rodríguez

Kristin Dykstra interview with Reina María Rodríguez

Jen Hofer translating Laura Solórzano

With email from:

Sawako Nakayasu, Barbara Guest, Susan Friedman, Edward Butscher, Tatiana Petrovich Njegosh


On Leslie Scalapino:

Jeanne Heuving, “ ‘A Dialogue about Love [] the Modern World’/Tracking Leslie Scalapino”

Lyn Hejinian, “Figuring Out”

On Lorine Niedecker:

Elizabeth Willis, “The Milk Separator and the New Goose: Niedecker, Eisenstein, and the Poetics of Non-indifference”

Jenny Penberthy, “Editing Niedecker ”

Other reading/s:

Jacob Edmond, “Re-visioning the I/Eye: Lyn Hejinian and the Poetics of Translation”

Susan McCabe, “ ‘Facing the Wrong Way’: Elizabeth Bishop and the French Connection”

Redell Olsen, “Images After Errors/Errors After Images: Joan Retallack”

=special feature: afghan women's writing=

Lida Abdullah
Zohra Saed
Fantana Jahangir Ahrary
Sahar Muradi
Sara Hakeem
Zaheda Ghani
Shakila Naseer
Fevziye Rahgozar Barlas
Donia Gobar

Graphics by:
Donna Sammander
Shekaiba Wakili

Short commentaries on recent writing by:

Sarah Rosenthal, “Gloria Frym's Homeless at Home

Julia Bloch, Elizabeth Robinson's Harrow and Robin Caton's The Color of Dusk

Michael Farrell “Copy Medicine: Jenny Gough's Mary & Shelley's Fair Copy Book / going: Jen Bervin's under what is not under

Michael Farrell “Cronin Culture: Notes Towards A Definition”

Anne Brewster “‘everyone is connected in the thrash’: the bed and the globe in Juliana Spahr's Fuck you — Aloha I Love You

Jen Bervin, “Granary Books”

Linda Russo, “Real and Imagined Muses: The Angel Hair Anthology

new writing . o O

Coordinated by Arielle Greenberg

Brenda Coultas, “After the 11th”

Thalia Field, “Deep Ears”

Kirsten Kaschock, “Gates of Sage”

Caroline Knox, “Quatrains by Hester Mulso”

Heidi Peppermint, “Blindfold, Yet Hanging in the Stars,” “Cassie Tells It Like It Is,” “Lilith of the Early Monikers”

Susan M. Schultz, “Exhibition Guide,” “Repetition Compulsion,” “Passage”

Elizabeth Treadwell, “Paramour”

Diane Wald, “voices of the dinosaurs”

Rachel Zucker , “Either All I Or None No Matter Is, Is,” “Here Happy is No Part of Love”

Tara Rebele, “Balance”

Lisa Lubasch, “Le Cinéaste”

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Selected by Anya Lewin

Mary Flanagan
Aya Karpinska
Barbara Lattanzi
Kirsten Lavers
Juliet Martin

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Nancy Elizabeth Johnson, “Elegy for Steel”

Janet Bowdan, “Aftermath”

Lee Jenny Gough, “animal movement”

Jannie Wolff “A Different View”


Co-ordinated by Elisabeth Frost and Linda Kinnahan

Poetry Post 9-11: Witnessing Dissent

Elisabeth Frost, Introduction

Michael Bibby, “What is ‘innovative’ after 9-11-01?: Reflections from the MSA 01 Conference”

Kathleen Fraser, “Witnessing”

Lorenzo Thomas, “‘Air of Freedom’: Poetry and National Security”

Frances Presley, “September 11: A View from London”

Innovative Writing, Public Discourse and Social Action

Linda Kinnahan, Introduction

Anita Helle, “When the Questions are ‘On the Move’: Gender, Transnational Locations, and the Politics of Style”

Mary DeShazer, “Transnational Gendered Modernisms: Reading Manifestoes, Political Poetry, and Oratures by Black South African Women”

Adalaide Morris, “‘Thinking Toward Action’: Epistemology, Politics and the Syntax of Modernist Poetics”

Cynthia Hogue, “Another Postmodernism: Towards an Ethical Poetics ”

"Medusa" by Toni Simon
Toni Simon “Medusa”

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