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Investigation of the poetics/politics of intentionality may be considered as a significant element of this section, as well as questions of canon formation, public access, the reviewing process, etc. These writings may be original or reprinted (by permission), and will include conference papers relevant to the HOW2 project. Reflections on the poem-making process are encouraged, as well as more formal essays. Bios and photos are always requested; when they don't appear, it is at the discretion of the writer.

We will be featuring the following special sections of issue 8’s “Reading/s.” Papers falling outside these sections should be sent to Ann Vickery at .

Lola Ridge Feature: Catherine Daly:
Rosmarie Waldrop Feature: Kornelia Freitag:
“Eros and Sexuality”: Jeanne Heuving:

On Leslie Scalapino:

Jeanne Heuving,  “‘A Dialogue about Love [] the Modern World’/Tracking Leslie Scalapino”

Lyn Hejinian,  “Figuring Out”

See also Adalaide Morris's “‘Thinking Toward Action’: Epistemology, Politics and the Syntax of Modernist Poetics” in the in-conference section of this issue.

On Lorine Niedecker:

Elizabeth Willis,  “The Milk Separator and the New Goose: Niedecker, Eisenstein, and the Poetics of Non-indifference”

Jenny Penberthy,  “Editing Niedecker”

Other reading/s:

Jacob Edmond,  “Re-visioning the I/Eye: Lyn Hejinian and the Poetics of Translation”

Susan McCabe,  “‘Facing the Wrong Way’: Elizabeth Bishop and the French Connection

Redell Olsen,  “Images After Errors/Errors After Images: Joan Retallack”

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